Are you shopping for wigs online, and unsure what the right style is for you? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.. once or maybe twice.

If you’re simply clicking add to cart, you may be making a few mistakes. It take a little research to know what wig types are best for your face shape.

For those who have, a full face like we do. The best wigs for round and full faces complement the softness and unique fullness of your features.

Ultimately, your goal should be to select wigs that offset the fullness of your features and help to elongate your face. It will please you to know that your quest for the perfect wig for round faces will not be a difficult journey. There are dozens of wigs in the market place for your round face.

Here are five styles wigs for round faces that you can add to your collection asap.

Bobs and Lobs for Round Faces

If you are a girl who enjoys a bob or lob, you are in luck. Bobs and lobs, though tricky, can complement your round face. The key to selecting or crafting your bob or lob is to choose one that does not have bangs.

You want to choose a bob or lob that harmonizes with the length of your face. Sleek styles or hairstyles with layers work well with round faces, as long as they flow just below the chin.

Bangs and Round Faces

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Who doesn’t love a good bang? The rule of thumb about wearing bangs with a round face is to tread cautiously. Well, your round face has mixed feelings about them, and therefore, if you are going to rock this style, you will want to be creative in your approach.

Consider wearing bangs that are asymmetrical or side-swept. This approach will add a bit of texture to your style without clashing with the general fullness of your gorgeous face.

Asymmetrical Styles

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Asymmetrical styles are excellent for women with round faces and especially work well for women opting to wear those loose curls or waves as they distract from the shape of your face and create somewhat of an optical illusion of angles that are not there.

If you cannot find an asymmetrical wig, you can purchase a wig and partner with a wigologist to shape your wig into an asymmetrical look.

Curls or No Curls

Who doesn’t love a good curl? Well, your round face can be finicky about whether it is accepting of these tresses. Tight curls have a strange way of making your face appear fuller than you might wish for it to look.

Instead of wearing those tight curls, you might so profoundly love, try rocking a wig that has loose curls or beach waves.

Long Wigs vs. Short Wigs

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Some days, you want to wear hair that you can toss back over your shoulder, and other days,  you merely want to rock a short ‘do’ that offers freedom and an air chic simplicity.  

Long wigs are highly effective for providing round faces much-needed balance. Should you decide to wear long hair, you may consider opting for a wig that offers a bit of height or one that will allow you to create the illusion of height.  

The same advice is true for women seeking to wear short hair wigs. Ideally, you will want to give that short wig a bit of height to balance the fullness of your face.

Confidence is Key

In summary, you have several options to choose from when searching for that perfect wig for your round face. Wigs that complement round faces are generally those, which offer balance and do not further widen your features.  If seeking to wear bangs, aim for those styles that are side-swept or extend low, and are asymmetrical.

But in conclusion, CONFIDENCE is always beautiful. So whether it’s the “right” wig or not. Rock it and own it!