Wig itch is the worst! I mean, here you are with this cute wig and then BOOM, here comes the itch. Now, you’re screaming inside and may or may not be able to scratch your scalp. Whether you’re a regular wig wearer or not, this is an awful experience.

Despite this occasional irritation, wigs have many benefits as they can restore confidence and improve the appearance of hair loss conditions such as alopecia. Wigs are also perfect way to discreetly hide temporary hair loss as a result of chemotherapy treatments.

The wig itch is usually caused by an irritation of skill cells on or near your scalp. It’s super annoying, but it’s your bodies way of telling you, something sensory is going on here.

There are a number of reasons why your wig may be itching, heres some tips to finally stop the itch!

Invest in a Quality Unit

Cheaper wigs, are going to itch thats just a known fact in the wig community. Make sure to choose a high-quality wig, whether it is synthetic or real. Buying a poor quality wig will irritate your scalp producing more itching.

Costume and party wigs are known to be cheaply made and the hair fibers can be harsh.

It is in your best interest to invest in a high-quality wig unit as it will cause less itching, less irritation, and less likely to produce oil build up. 

To avoid an itchy unit, go for quality made units with synthetic blend hair or 100% human hair. When ordering a human hair unit, opt for the color option “natural”, if it is available. This means the hair has not been dyed or tampered with before being sent to you. This will avoid having to deal with any harsh chemicals or hair dyes which may irritate you further.

Avoid Hair Coloring

After hair coloring or bleaching, wig users will experience an itchy scalp. If you want to color your natural hair and wear wigs, make sure to apply warmed coconut oil after the color treatment. Leave in the oil for a couple of hours to help soothe your scalp. 

Wear a Cotton or Silk Wig Liner

An excellent way to stop itching is to use a 100% cotton or silk liner under your wig. Doing this will help absorb sweat and heat, so your head feels more comfortable. 

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Cotton is excellent because it not only absorbs moisture but promotes air flow , keeping your scalp cool. You can purchase a wig liner at your local beauty supply, or get one on Amazon.

Always Take Off Your Wig At Night

It is vital to give your scalp a break by taking off your wig at night. You have to remember that your scalp needs to breathe. 

Investing in a wig stand is probably one of the best things we have done. Eventually throwing a $100 wig on the dresser, just didn’t seem right. Check out some creative wig storage products on Amazon.

🔑 Tip: If your scalp is looking particularly irritated or flaky, try a few days without wearing one to help your skin recover. 

Take Good Care Of Your Wig

Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for caring for the wig. Having a poorly maintained wig is more likely to cause itching. You must keep in mind that as your wig suffer deterioration, strands of hair can cause more itching. Reduce this by brushing and combing carefully, and don’t forget to check for stray loose hairs and continually remove them.  

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Check For Dandruff

Having dandruff can increase the itching, so make sure to check your hair for these symptoms:

  • Visible dandruff
  • A red, scaly scalp
  • Oily hair

🔑Tip: Dandruff usually results from over-moisturized hair!

You need to understand that getting rid of dandruff can take a little longer if you use a wig. You need to thoroughly rinse your natural hair and wig after shampooing and conditioning. A good idea is to use a dandruff shampoo for a week or two and see if the itchiness improved. 

Refresh Your Scalp With Alcohol-free Solutions

To remove excess oil, which leads to bacteria and infections, you could refresh your scalp with alcohol-free solutions. A good option is to do it every 2 to 3 hours using a damp cloth. 

Warning: Always consult a doctor before using topical treatments on an irritated scalp. 

Use Organic Witch-Hazel

Organic Witch-Hazel is very effective for reducing head spots and skin allergies to wig glue. Apply organic witch-hazel in your scalp at least twice a day. To do it follow these steps:

  1. Remove the wig
  2. Wet a towel, cloth, or cotton pad with the witch-hazel
  3. Pass it over your scalp
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Doing this will help remove oil buildup and make your scalp fresh and cool.

🔑Tip: A good idea is to apply your non-toxic face moisturizer or toner to your scalp afterward. Browse toners and read reviews on Amazon.

Disinfect Your Scalp With Zinc Lotion

Wing users should avoid infections or infected hair pores on their scalp. So, disinfecting your scalp often with zinc, which is a natural antibacterial, will help prevent infections.  We found this skin protectant paste on Amazon for under $10.

You can use any natural zinc product either in spray or lotion for disinfecting your scalp. It should be used once a week. 

Zinc will reduce glue or tape skin reactions, which can be caused by bacteria.