If you’re looking for good wigs online, you’ve come to the right place.

After buying wigs online and in beauty stores for over 15 years; we’ve got wig buying almost down to a science.

Whether your shopping for your first wig purchase or looking for a fresh new unit, we got you!

We work hard for our money and we know you do too. We want you to feel good about your beauty investment. So, to save you some time and cash we compiled a list of the best affordable wig sites. We review and update this list to make sure we offer the best stores for our readers. Each store made our 2023 list because they offered great selection, affordable pricing and reliable shipping.

Check out, our list of the ten most affordable wig stores online and keep reading for our red flags when shopping for wigs online!

Top 10 Wig Stores Online:

  • Amazon
  • Unice.com
  • Divatress.com
  • HairSoFly.com
  • Wigtypes.com
  • Gobeautyny.com
  • Hairsisters.com
  • Blackhairspray.com
  • Premier Lace Wigs
  • Sams Beauty

1. Amazon

When we want a wig quick, Amazon is our go to! Amazon has a WIDE variety of everything hair related and wigs are no exception, from bobs to bundles Amazon has it all. Be sure to read reviews and look at pictures before purchasing. If your not satisfied, Amazon has a great return policy.

2. UNice.com

If you’re looking for virgin human hair, then UNice.com is perfect for you. UNice is one of the number one leaders in the human hair industry.

UNice Feather Bangs Wave Bob Wig Human Hair Lace Front Wig

We like that UNice offers discounts on quality human hair and has the newest styles in their collection. Check them out for discounts on premium human hair units.

3. Divatress.com

Good for new styles, affordable shipping and overall a really reliable site. Divatress is one of the leading e-commerce companies on the web. Divatress strives to make every shopper feel like a diva, by offering great customer service, fast shipping and a simple online shopping experience.

UNice Honey Blonde Highlight Lace Front Wig
UNice Honey Blonde Highlight Lace Front Wig

4. HairSoFly.com

You can get pretty much anything your looking for on this site. If your looking to buy a synthetic and human hair at the same time, this is a good site to use.

Hair So Fly aims to provide high-quality and affordable hair extensions and wigs products. They work with your favorite influencers, to help make your shopping experience enjoyable. Hair So Fly is pretty popular on social media, and we think they will only get better over time.

5. Wigtypes.com

Large variety and youtube videos

Wigtypes.com is another veteran in the online wig game. There youtube channel is booming, with hundreds of wig videos. You can literally shop right off of their youtube channel. We like that they always have the latest styles with over 10,000 products on their site; you can’t really go wrong with Wigtypes.

6. Gobeautyny.com 

They gave us rewards points 🙂 and good promos

Gobeautyny is a cute online boutique out of New York, that specializes in all things beauty. You can get wigs on their website along with other beauty products, which is a win. The have a wide inventory of beauty products, ranging from hair dyes, skin care and accessories.

UNice Straight Money Piece Highlight Lace Part Wig

7. Hairsisters

Probably one the oldest and most reliable sites, easy to use website, large selection.

We remember browsing hairsisters.com as a college student in our dorm room. Hairsisters is one of the largest online beauty supply stores in North America, that’s impressive!

8. Blackhairspray.com

We first heard about blackhairspray.com on youtube, years ago. They offer a very modern online shopping experience, with a youthful vibe. Easy to use site, with lots of newer styles. You can sign up for there email list, for coupons and more savings.

9. Premier Lace Wigs

Large selection of Pre-Plucked Human Hair wigs

Founded in 1995, Premier Lace Wigs, is the official online store of one of the leading professional human hair manufacturers. They offer 360 lace wigs, full lace wigs, silk top lace wigs and more. If your looking for a wide range of human hair wigs, this is the place you need to be.

10. Sams Beauty

Easy to use website and nice Flat Rate shipping deals!

Last but not least, we have SamsBeauty.com. With over 100k followers on insstagram, SamBeauty is a very popular online wig store. They thrive to work with stylist and pay attention to hair trends, to offer customers a quality experience.

More Popular Sites: Go Beauty , So Good Hair Shop, UniWigs.com, ElevateStyles, HairToBeauty

Red Flags when Shopping for Wigs Online:

As a bonus we wanted to offer you some red flags to look out for when shopping for wigs online.

Low Inventory:

Most popular wigs have a wide selection of colors if you are shopping and notice limited amount of colors; this may be a red flag.  Unless the wig is on clearance it should be well stocked and available.

Shady Check Out:

If you’re checking out and things don’t seem smooth or efficient, it’s ok to back out.  If you add items to your cart and then prices change dramatically when it’s time to pay; this usually is a sign a company lacks customer service.

Little or No Contact Info:

If your shopping on a official online store, there should be information on when to contact them, clearly visible.

Really Low Prices:

Ok, we like a good deal too, but somethings are just too good to be true.  If a popular wig is way cheaper on one site then the others, there may be some shady business going on.  Make sure you check the total price once shipping is added in, for the real price of the purchase.

Always Getting Your 2nd choice: 

If you purchase from an online store multiple times and each time you either didn’t get the right wig or keep getting your second choice in color.  It may be time to move on to the next hair store.  We know this is one of our major pet peeves; opening a  the box expecting one color and getting just the next option (not cool).

Online wig shopping shouldn’t be scary, but like an online transaction it’s best to do your research.  Many wig shoppers find a reliable store and stick to them, some may move around.  Whether your a beauty supply wig shopper or strictly online shopper, theirs lots of choices.  We just know it’s nothing like coming home to a brand new unit at our door step.

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  1. I really appreciate this list. Have been wanting a capless wig and it hard to find. This list of reputable companies will certainly make my search easier.

  2. Thank you for your reviews, and honesty. I am still trying to find a legit wig company, I’ve been taken for granted 3 times already.

  3. Thank you for very much needed information. It could not have been posted at a better time. The bed of companies can be shady too. They will send you black when you request brown or sixteen inch and claim it’s twenty. The model displayed is actually wearing a sixteen inch or longer. Please continue to enlighten us. I m wiggle for life

  4. Thank you so much for your advice. Buying a eig online I’d hard especially when you keep getting merchandise that looks nothing like advertised. Or worst not getting anything and just glay out scamed. I really appreciate your site.

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