Choosing a Lace Wig Density

Whether your purchasing a lace front or another type of wig.  Understanding the density can be helpful, when choosing you new hair piece.  Density is usually measured in percentages and are more often asked by wig makers or wholesalers.  Synthetic wigs range in density and fullness and we recommend looking at reviews online or purchasing the wig directly from a beauty supply store.  Many wigs are reviewed on hair websites or on YouTube, just search the name of the wig.

To pick your density you’ll first want to decide how full you want your wig to be.  Most wigs come as %130 but you can choose from %120, %150, %180 and %200.  You’ll also want to keep in mind the texture of the hair, so if you choose a %180 density curly wig it’s going to appear a lot fuller than a straight texture wig of the same density.

Choosing you wigs Hair thickness is mostly preference.  Depending on the style or look your going for, It’s a very personal choice.  You could even have a wig for different occasions and each have their own density.  The choice is all yours!

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