Having  beautiful thick eyebrows has been a sought after facial beauty feature for decades.  Full, thick, perfectly shaped eyebrows, can  enhance any facial shape and even add a more youthful appearance.

Born out of the endless pursuit of the perfect brow, handmade lace front eyebrows are a real thing.  We know that Lace Front wigs give instant fuller thicker gorgeous hair! But,  It never dawned on us that others out there may want this same fullness but for their eyebrows. Lace Front Eyebrows, affectionately called by some eyebrow wigs or faux eyebrows are kinda like the daintier little sister of lace front wigs.   Lace Front eyebrows can be customized, dyed and applied in minutes, and if done right; can look very real!

How are they made?

The lace eyebrows are handmade usually using hand-tied onto soft invisible Swiss Lace.  There are different techniques for creating realistic eyebrows, each pair of eyebrows can vary in length, shape and thickness.  Most lace front eyebrows are custom made by salons like Tiffani Chanel Luxury Hair, but if you just want to try them out.  You can purchase a pair on Amazon, by clicking here for under $25.  With a little pinterest action and youtube tutorials, you could customize your own pair and create your own unique pair.  To read what others are saying and browse False Eyebrows and other beauty trends on Amazon – click here.

Who can wear them?

As Refinery29 reports, they are great for people going through or recovering from chemotherapy and for those who just want fuller eyebrows.  So, If your known to get a little too happy with the tweezers, lace front eyebrows may be something to consider.  Lace Brows are the perfect alternative for people with eyebrow loss due to illness, heredity, or over plucking.

It appears with the popularity of wigs and lace front wigs, the possibilities are endless.  While Lace Front Eyebrows may not be an everyday look. We can definitely see celebrities, actresses or beauty gurus using them to polish a look for a special occasion.

Are there any  Lace Front Eyebrow Alternatives?

Yes! If your a little unsure of the lace front eyebrow trend, but still interested in getting that full brow look.  You may want to give these alternatives a try:

Microblading: A semi permanent tattoo method that involves, etching small lines of pigment into your skin.  Prices can range depending on your artist level of expertise, we recommend reading reviews of past clients; especially with your same skin tone and eyebrow shape.  A more permanent solution would be an eyebrow tattoo, which is there to stay after being applied.  Microblading is recommended to be touched up every 6-12 months or as needed.

Eyebrow Serums: You can get a prescription or just browse reviews and purchase an eyebrow serum on Amazon.  Depending on your level of commitment, there are hundreds of serums on the market, whose main goal, is to get you fuller, thicker eyebrows.

Eyebrow massage:  Yes, eyebrow massaging is real, and it’s said to help stimulate eyebrow growth by bringing more blood flow to the area.  Face massages have been around for decades and claim to stimulate the face and even reduce aging.


With naturally thin eyebrows, ourselves, we definitely  get the want for thick brows.  For years, we stuck with the tried and true eyebrow pencil; but it may be time for an upgrade.  Whats your eyebrow beauty method?