There are a number of popular application methods for lace front wigs.    When choosing the best wig application method, getting your lace front to lay and hold is key! Your goal is to “melt the lace” and perfect the illusion of a natural hairline.  One of the most popular methods right now, is to use Got2b glued styling gel.

Got2B glued styling gel, is one of the fastest selling products in the hair isle.  Because, not only can it hold all kinds of lace but it’s also great for slicking down edges and securing fly aways. We personally like using it because it last all day and doesn’t flake (big plus).  We have yet to be disappointed with this styling gel, it definitely HOLDS that wig in place!

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Picking a Got2B glued product:

Yellow- Got2b Glued Water Resistant Spiking Glue : It’s a white paste, water resistant which is clear when wet.  A little goes a long way, and must be applied correctly to not show under lace wig.  Usually priced under $10, check price on Amazon.

Black- Got2b Glued Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Gel : Clear styling gel that doesn’t get flaky or sticky when dry.  Often used to lay edges after wig install, or for everyday baby hair styling.  We like this gel because we have fine hair, and it’s not to rough on the edges.  This product is also reasonably priced around $8, browse on Amazon.

Choosing a Got2b product is your personal preference. Keep in mind everyone’s skin, hair type and texture is different.   Got2b glued products and any products applied to your scalp should be used properly and as intended on the instructions.

How to Apply Lace with Got2b glued:

1.Apply gel to the perimeter, where the lace will lay.

2. Blow dry for a couple seconds, to get sticky.

3. Lay wig over where glue was applied, and press down firmly.

4. Apply blow dryer, as you continue to press down wig.

5. Carefully style baby hairs, and edge on lace wig for realistic look.

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Tips for getting the best results:

Use cool air setting on blow dryer : Humidity is not a lace front wigs friend, and it’s definitely not when your trying to get your wig to lay.  Using the cool air setting on your blow dryer, will still cause the glue to become tacky and prevent you from sweating.

A little goes a long way :  When applying the glue, its very important not to go over board.  You want to actually dab a layer at a time, not all at once.

Grab a Scarf: If you are in a hurry to apply your lace wig, or don’t have a dryer handy.  Try apply the glue and tie a scarf around the perimeter.  You can do your make up, or anything else in the meantime while it drys.

Remove with caution:  Your edges are your friend, don’t loose them over a application method! Be nice to your hairline and remove your wig properly and carefully after application.

New application methods are coming on the wig scene daily.  Whats your favorite lace wig application method?

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