Wigs of all kind are popular and almost everyone is wearing them these days.  Wigs are now so realistic now; even celebrities rock them daily.

Whether your wearing wigs for fun or everyday wear, getting the most out of your unit means having the right styling tools.  Having the right arsenal of wig care products can make a big difference in the shelf life of your unit.



Whether you prefer straight styles to curly, blonde or wavy there are certain universals tips and tricks to help keep your wigs fresh. We did some research and found there are some top products with hundreds of reviews from real customers.

So, without further a do, here are the top 10 wig care products and tips:

10. African Essence Control Wig Spray



Works really great on synthetic units, especially straight wigs.  African Control Wig Spray helps bring your wig back to life without making it too greasy.

9. Brandywine Wig Luster Areosol

This wig luster works for human and synthetic units by enhancing your wigs beauty.  Its a clear quick drying holding spray, that’s perfect for maintaining any unit.  Great to use right before a special event, or show.

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8. Brandywine Non-Aerosol Wig Spray for Synthetic and Natural Hair Wigs



This is a water soluble, crystal clear spray that is great for synthetic wigs.  This spray offers a strong hold without the sticky mess, other sprays have.

7. Brandywine Oil Sheen Wig Conditioner



Light conditioning spray that brings back the softness and makes your unit easier to comb.  This spray is a favorite because its not greasy or sticky.

6. ON Organic Natural Premium Oil-Free Weave & Wig Conditioner & Detangler Tangerine



This sweet smelling wig conditioner and detangler is packed with jojoba, teatree and mango extracts.  Great for deatangling dry and damaged hair extensions and wigs.  This is a fan favorite, for it’s beautiful orange bottle and organic components.

5. Revlon Finishing Spray for Synthetic Hair

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This leave-in conditioner, comes in a perfect travel size, which is great for taking on vacation.  This finishing spray is great for synthetic hair.  It helps detangle, add sheen and reduce frizz.

“It works and leaves hair, smooth and full!

3. Revlon Wig Travel Kit for Synthetic Hair, 3 Pack – 2 oz. Cleanser, Conditioner & Styling Spray

A great trio, leaves hair clean and revitalized!

2. Brittny Professionals Wig Brush Combo

Why run around your local beauty supply store for every wig supply. when everything is packaged up by Brittny? We most certainly are going to save ourselves a trip and go with this bundle.

1. Brandywine Volumizing Wig Mousse

This is our number one pick for wig styling products! This mousse ads volume, shine and is great for defining curls. Holds but is also very flexible and works for both human and synthetic units. You can use this mouse for spikes, curls, waves, body wave and even straight units. Don’t check out with out adding this mousse to your cart.

“Smooth and Smells Great!”

Best Human Hair Wig Styling Products and Tools:

Got2b Glued Gel

The Schwarzkopf got2b Glued Styling Spiking Glue is a fan favorite among wig wearers. This white gel (looks like toothpaste out of the tube) turns clear and provides an unbelievable hold. If you have very “difficult” edges. Other products last about 10 minutes before your hairs start to spike. While it is water-resistant it can still be removed with warm water with no harm to your precious edges! And… a little bit goes a long way!

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Got2b Glued Spray

Compared to the gel version, this spray is a lot less messy, dries faster, and holds like it’s superglue. Plus removing it is as easy as putting warm water on the hair where it’s spray glued and peeling the hair back and then rinsing with warm water.

L’Oreal Root Cover-Up Spray

This product is amazing for slightly tinting your lace, it helps to color the roots of the wig to match your hairline or skin tone.

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Cantu Coil Calm Detangler

This detangler works wonders on your curly wigs especially after washing it. Wigs tend to tangle easily, especially around the nape. To maintain that silky feel, use this spray and gently brush your hair with a detangler brush.

Cantu Moisturizing Curl Activator

This is our go to activator for wavy and super curly wigs.  Same as the detangler spray, this moisturizer works wonders (even on your natural hair) it’s hydrating, affordable, and leaves a healthy shine on your wig.

To revive any human hair curly wig, combine the cantu activator with the detangler and spray hair spray right after.  This will give you a nice wet and wavy look, all day long.

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Evolve Knot Free Detangle Brush

Having a good collection of styling products is essential for maintaining any unit longer.  This detangler brush is a game-changer, it removes any knots smoothly without pulling any hairs and keeps your wig looking fresh.

Aussie Mega Moist Conditioner

Wigs can dry out, just like your real hair.  This conditioner is super affordable and works wonders at helping your unit bounce back. You can use it after every wash to help lock in moisture and extend the life of your unit.

Wig Care Tips:

Now that you have the VERY best products to care for your wig here are some helpful tips to help maintain your unit:

Tip #1 Wig Care Products Only

Unless your wig is human hair only use products labeled for synthetic wigs/hair.  Using products for real hair will stress and damage your synthetic fibers.

Tip#2 Always Cool Water

Always wash your wigs in cool water and use  spray bottle when trying to combat frizz.  Your hand will be your best tool when it comes to detangling or smoothing a synthetic wig.

Tip #3  Watch the Heat

Applying heat to a synthetic wig can seriously damage the fibers if it is not labeled “heat friendly” or human hair.

Wigs can last up to years if cared for and maintained correctly.  By using the right product on your units, they will not only look better but last longer.  Whether your unit is synthetic or human, have a care routine; just as you would if it was your own hair.  After washing and conditioning your units, place them on a wig stand to allow them keep there form and look fabulous longer!