n the early part of last year, we decided to take a dive into the wonderful world of blogging. Despite the lack of cash flow, we cracked open our laptop and decided we were going to make it happen. We read post after post (similar to this one) and learned all we could to get our hair blog up and running.

Now over a year later, after finding some great tools and putting in the hard work. We’re definitely happy to be seeing some definite progress! Here’s some tips on how to start your own hair blog and KEEP COST LOW!

Find your Niche

If your starting a hair blog, we can assume your into hair 🙂 But let’s get a little more intimate; what’s your passion? What are you googling constantly or hashtag searching on Instagram for hours? Better yet, what’s your Amazon order history look like!

For us it was Lace Wigs and Human Hair Extensions. For others it may be natural hair, locs or protective styles. Honestly, the hair market is a billion dollar industry and the niches to choose from are endless. So, choose a topic you can write about for a year or more and you’ll never run out of ideas!

Brand and Build

Now that you’ve found your niche, it’s time to get started on building your actual blog. First you’ll want to choose a name for your blog. Next you’ll buy your domain name and set up hosting.

Pick a name: When picking a name, try not think too hard. The simplest names, are usually the best because people can remember them. We suggest you stay away from misspelling words or using numbers. Simple is better.

Note: Search the internet and do your due diligence when picking a name. You’ll want to make sure it’s not already taken or copyrighted.

Domain name/ Hosting:

 Now lets get to the fun part, once you’ve picked a name you’ll want to purchase the domain name. You can purchase your domain name on sites like Godaddy and Bluehost. If your looking for affordable hosting, we suggest blue host.

Another great place to get affordable logo is Fiverr. We use Fiverr a lot, and especially love using the market place to find talented graphic designers. Getting a Logo, makes you feel official and helps with getting your readers to recognize you outside your blog like on social media platforms etc. A custom logo for $5 bucks, Ionno if you can beat that!

Hosting: you’ll want to pick a “home” for your site. Your hosting is where you will build your site and actually upload your content. We love WordPress because it’s popular and easy to work with.

WordPress comes with literally thousands of themes. There are a lot of free themes you can use, to keep cost low.

Content is Queen

Alright, you’ve got your site ready and waiting for some juicy content! Ok, now here is where you can let your creative energy flow. It’s good to start off with content that is informative but has your own personal spin on it.

Remember to be yourself, because this is what builds your following and has people coming back for more.

The best advice I can give, is provide VALUE. Provide value for your readers, and you’ll reap the benefits.

Social Media

Once you’ve got a good voice and some content posted, you’ll want to promote your content. Using social media in the first six months of our blog, really helped us keep going. A great site for bloggers is Pinterest. Pinterest is a giant search engine, that focuses heavily on content and graphics.

You can purchase graphics or keep cost low by creating your own great sites like Canva.

Make Money – Monetize

Monetizing your site can be done in several ways. I started out using Adsense and Amazon associates. Adsense money is slow in the beginning, but it teaches you how to add html and organize your site.

I would recommend monetizing later around the 4-6 month mark because not much will happen on a brand new site in the first 6 months.

Focus on content and learning about building a site, then once you’ve got that down start making some coin!

Keep Going

I made this the last step because it’s the most important. You can put in a ton of work and get a blog off the ground but what truly makes a successful blog is consistency and dedication. Just like any buisness or achievement in life, you have to put in the work.

There are a lot of gurus and YouTube videos telling you to do this and that. But don’t get distracted, by all the flashy lights; stay the course.

Have fun, keep going, laugh, cry and get back to it! Put in the work and reap those rewards, your future self will thank you.

Best of luck on your new hair blog!