In the last 5 years, the wig game has dramatically changed. Whether its a human hair or a synthetic, todays wigs are definitely not your mommas wigs.

Todays lace wigs are more popular than ever, because honestly you can’t tell there even wigs!

There are multiple ways you can install your lace wig and it can take a lot of trial and error to get it right. The most popular ways to install your wig are the stocking cap method and the glue-less method.

Because there is no manual on these methods and definitely not a one size fits all method. We took to youtube and stylist tutorials to see what mistakes we were making when it comes to our install.

Shocked, even after all the years of wearing and installing wig. Below well share some helpful hacks and tips to keep your install on deck and flawless.

Note: These suggestions are geared for those using adhesive to apply their units, but good advice for all lace units.

1. Lay Before Slay

Always lay your wig BEFORE you slay your makeup. Yup, thats right! According the the hair gurus, you must lay your wig before you do your makeup. You don’t want to run the risk of exposing the lace by building up your foundation on top of it. You may have to re-blend your wig if you apply make up on top, which is just a mess honestly.

The rule mostly applies to those who are using a glue down method for there lace wig. If you are using the glueless method, it may be ok to apply your wig, tie it down with a scarf and then apply your makeup.

In the end the choice is yours, but if you are having a stylist install your lace wig. Try to have a bare face, before heading to the shop.

2. Less is Best (When it Comes to Lace Glue)

When it comes to applying you lace wig glue, it is better to apply small amounts that build up. By applying three thin layers and allowing each to dry, you are eliminating the change of the lace bulking up. According to wig gurus, applying a large amounts of glue can cause your wig to lift dow the line.

To get the best install, apply a small layer of glue around the perimeter of the hairline and then allow to air dry before adding another. Do this about three times to get a sound hold on the lace.

3. Protect Thy Edges

Please, please please! Protect those edges before you begin to lay your lace wig. If you are using adhesive or any other chemicals to secure your lace. It is important to move your edges, out of the way. You can braid your hair back, wear a stocking cap and then use a gel or blasting spray to push your edges back. This will move your edges away from possibly getting adhesive glues or anything that may pull them out. After wearing wigs for years, we still have our edges and that is because we actually put them first!

4. Lace Matters

Another tip when applying a lace wig, is paying attention to what type of lace your are buying in the first place. Swiss lace is our favorite because its pretty blendable, soft, last a long time and often not too expensive.

Lace wigs can be made out of several materials, including hard lace which may be a little harder to work with. When purchasing a wig online, be sure to look at the specs, to see what type of lace is used. This is big when investing in a unit, you hope will lay and last for several weeks if not months.

5. Pluck Less

Overplucking is a No No ! Overplucking your unit can cause your lace to tear a look thin. When plucking, less is more and we suggest looking at some helpful youtube videos before then.

6. Cut Jagged

When cutting your lace wig, it’s often best to not cut straight across. This will leave your hairline looking fake and be more difficult to blend. When cutting your lace off, cut in small jagged motions along your natural hairline. This will give a better illusion, when trying to blend the lace into your hairline.

7. Preserve your Investment

Preserve your investment, by using a silk bonnet and tieing down your edges at night. If you are using a glueless unit, take off your wig and place it on a wig mannequin head.

Practice Makes Perfect

It’s pretty hard to get the perfect wig install on the first try. So don’t get too frustrated when it comes to getting it right. Find a technique that works for you and perfect it. If you check out youtube, there are hundreds of videos and each guru has their own unique install methods.

Try these basics, and add your own personal touch for the perfect install method!