We all know our edges are delicate and precious.  There are literally tons of products promising to save your edges or lay your units.  Most involve using an adhesive or sticky tapes.  It can also be  a hassle to remove glue if you take your wig off to sleep.  If you’re not into all the glues, we found a safer and more affordable approach.   If you want your wig to lay and protect your delicate edges, we have the perfect solution!

Using a Wig Grip

If you want a secure fit and don’t want to use clips, bobby pins, glue or tape.. try a wig grip.  They come in different colors such as black, brown and beige and are super affordable.  Try purchasing a color close to your own scalp color, there are a number of top rated wig grips on Amazon.com under $20.  Most wig grips are constructed with soft velvet-like material with a Velcro strap, this simple adjustable one size fits all band eliminates headaches and prevents thinning edges.

Where to buy a quality grip:

Most beauty supply stores carry wig grips, a variety can be found online as well.  Amazon has a good variety of wig grips, and reviews from other customers.  Click here, to see what others are saying!

We’ve always used clips and gots 2b glue to secure our units.  But there are times we have felt a wig grip was necessary.  For wigs that have a cap size that runs a little big, a wig grip can help fill in those gaps and make the wig more secure.  We all know the number one thing when wearing our wigs, is to feel secure and look flawless!