New methods for applying wigs and lace frontals are popping up on the regular.  From glue, to tape and everything in between; wigs are out here getting SLAYED!

Brazilian Body Wave

One of the most popular methods in lace application is the stocking cap method which requires a nylon stocking cap, and gel (lots of gel).   The crowd favorite is gots2b utlra gel and the gots2b glued freeze spray combo.

Even after wearing lace fronts for the past couple years, we were a little nervous about this application method.  But after watching a handful of Youtube lace install tutorials, we finally got the courage to try this install method; and to be honest it wasn’t all that bad. So of course, we couldn’t just get a flawless frontal and not share!

What you’ll need:

Body Wave 13X4 Lace Frontal

Step by step tutorial stocking cap method:

Step 1: Prepare you hair, wig and materials

Step 2: Spray Freeze Tag on your stocking cap, along the hairline

Step 3: Blow dry (on cool) until it sticks

Step 4: Carefully Cut along the stocking cap, avoiding your edges

Step 5: Apply styling gel along the hairline, where the wig will lay

Step 7: Lay wig on top of glue, pressing carefully until in the right position

Step 5: Remove any excess glue along the hairline, using a dab of water or alcohol

Step 8: Blow dry to set until edges are dry or  tie down hair with scarf

Step 9: Use edge control to create realistic look along the hairline

Step 10: Style and Slay !

For more details on the stocking cap method, click here to watch this video.

One of the things we love about wigs, is versatility, with a little patience and skill you can literally rock any style you want.  The stocking cap method, is affordable and with some practice,  simple to perfect.  Keep in mind the instructions on proper use when using gels and hair glues and more on your scalp.  Thanks for reading! What’s your favorite application method?




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