Whether your looking for a new look or an everyday style, your sure to love Taisha!  Sensationnel Synthetic Empress 6″ Deep Lace Parting Wig Taisha wig is definitely a show stopper.  If your looking for perfect curls and that real Kim K vibe, this is your unit.  Read whats others are saying about Taisha on Amazon, by clicking here.  Keep reading for our review, specs, pros and cons of Taisha by Sensationnel.



  • 100% Premium Fiber
  • Adjust the wig with ease using attached clips.
  • Synthetic fiber
  • 6″ Deep Hand-Tied Lace Parting
  • Futura Fiber Safe Up To 350° – 400°F
  • 11 Colors

Pros and Cons:

This wig is perfect density for a glamorous look!  We purchased the unit because we wanted a going out, instant perfect curls look. The wig was a little too full for us but for someone who likes the 200% density full wigs, this is perfect.  The parting was decent and worked really well as a middle part.  It didn’t come with any lace to cut off, so if your not confident with your lace cutting skills this may be a good unit to buy.  We thought the lack of excess lace would make the wig look really fake, but it actually looked pretty decent on our hairline.  We plan on wearing Taisha to a formal event, but don’t think its an everyday wig because of the fullness.

This wig is beginner and large head friendly, it was comfortable to wear and easy to style!

Buy or Deny?

We are going to Deny buying this wig again, we have to be honest.  Although we love the glamourous curls, we just can’t see ourselves wearing this wig more than a couple times.  The synthetic fibers used were a little coarse and it just isnt one of our favorites.  We know some ladies really like the full, big curls look, so check out Taisha for yourself and tell us what you think!

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