When it comes to removing your lace front wig, the main concern is always saving your hairline from any damage. Many prefer to use a wig remover solvent to remove a lace front wig; however, there are several options that you can utilize to remove your wig that does not involve using any wig remover products.  

Here are five alternative methods you can use to remove your lace front wig that does not involve using an adhesive remover.

Essential Oils

Coconut oil, grapeseed oil, and mango oil all combined in water make for an excellent natural solution to remove your lace front wig. YouTuber Foreign Sin uses the backside of her baby hair brushes after spraying the mixture on her hairline to massage the oil mixture to loosen the lace front.

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Her recommendation, stay patient during the application and removal process. Only use what you need to loosen the wig, but be careful not to tug on the lace front, or you will risk snapping those fine hairs along your hairline.

This mixture is not the only oil mixture that will work in your best interest. You can use any essential oil to remove your wig.


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YouTuber Sophiology recommends using a spray bottle with rose water and spraying the water directly into the lace. This action is a natural way only to get the hairline area wet that needs to be wet without risking any messy side effects for your make-up. It also permits you to prep your wig for the future.


You can use alcohol 90% rubbing alcohol to remove your lace front wig. This solution is a favorite practice, but application practices vary from wignista to wignista.

YouTuber So Char recommends using a spray bottle and saturating a sock with the spray before applying the solution to your hairline. She cautions, steering clear of any rubbing motions and soaking the hairline with a dabbing movement. Once the wig begins to lift, you can initiate the removal process. Of course, patience is a must with this process.

Sanitizer for Wig Removal?

Faithfully Asia takes a unique approach to use sanitizer instead of using a 90% alcohol solution. She points out that the gel consistency of the sanitizer allows for a more natural removal process over that of pure alcohol.

The gel consistency also allows the solution to sit in place, unlike solutions that may drip down your face. After one minute, you should be able to lift the wig, but if not, allow it to sit in place a bit longer for the best results.


YouTuber Annesha Adams demonstrated that hair conditioner is a useful solution for removing lace front wigs. You can be generous with your conditioner solution, but as with the other approaches, be patient by waiting a few minutes before attempting to remove the lace front. You will need to perform a bit of clean up after the removal process is complete, but the ease of removal will be well worth it.

In summary, these are five ways you can remove your lace front wig without using a wig adhesive remover. Each of these methods works exceptionally well and will allow you to remove your wig without doing damage to those precious baby hairs. Remember, the consensus is patience no matter what approach you elect to choose in removing your lace front. If you feel any tension or pull when removing your wig, slow down and apply more solution.