Tired of sitting under the dryer for hours? (So are we!)  Girl, rest your weary arm muscles and leave that struggle hand hair dryer behind.  We decided to take back hours of our life and pursue flawless hair while still in the comfort of our own home.  This hooded dryer, we must admit was a game changer for us and it just may change your life too.

After having our first child, we wanted to have gorgeous hair but became a little tight on time (ok, a lot tight)!   So, we  decided it was time to stop the madness and invest in a hooded dryer.  Now, we weren’t all that prepared for the price ($300, umm whoa!) but now over a year later, we are glad we invested in the Pibbs 514 Kwik Dryer.  We were honestly very pleased and impressed with this hooded dryer.  We get less frizz and dry locs in under an hour or less (Boom)!  Keep reading for more information and specs on this dryer.

Pibbs 514 Kwik Dri Salon Dryer

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Pros and Cons – Pibbs 514 Kwik Dryer:


  • Easy to use and assemble
  • Drys hair in under 60 minutes
  • Hands free (yass!)
  • Great quality and design
  • Adjustable height and angle
  • Improves color and processing results
  • Great for thick hair


  • Heavy
  • Heat needs to be adjusted accordingly (start low)
  • Too clunky for some spaces
  • May need Ear Protection
  • Pricey
Hair Dryer Heat Shield (Ear Protection)

Choosing the right Hooded Dryer:

Choosing a Hooded dryer is not much different than choosing a regular hair dryer.  Here are a few things to consider when picking out a hooded hair dryer:

Hair Thickness:  Hooded dryers are great for thick curly hair! If you have fine or thin hair, avoid ionic dryers. They aren’t as effective in building volume as other types of blow dryers.

Materials: For smooth hair, look for a hooded blow dryer with tourmaline and ceramic technology.  Tourmaline helps smooth hair and helps retaining moisture by sealing the cuticle.  This is great for natural hair, and thick curly hair by reducing frizz.

Heat and Power:  You want flawless dry hair, but not at the cost of your hair (if that makes sense).  What we are trying to say, is don’t damage your hair for the sake of a quick style.  If you have fine or damaged hair, start on low heat and make sure you purchase a hooded dryer with lots of heat settings.  May we add there is nothing cute about hair dryer injuries, take precautions.

A hooded dryer with 1500 watts or more is great for hooded dryers.  A blow dryer’s wattage measures how hard and fast its motor works. The higher its wattage, the faster you’ll be able to dry your hair.

Available Space: The number one component in choosing a hooded dryer, is the space needed to properly use and store the product.  If you have limited space, check the specs of the product before purchase.  Also some hooded dryers, are adjustable and fold-able; take this in consideration before purchasing.

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