Everyone starts their hair growth journey at different stages of actual hair health.  Some are tired of relaxers while others are desperate to reverse severe hair damage.  No matter where you are in your hair growth journey, there are hundreds of protective styles, treatments and length retaining options to choose from.

We quit relaxing our hair in 2014, and haven’t looked back.  As our hairline filled out and our original curl pattern returned.  Our main inner battle was the lack of versatility, we had while wearing weaves.  So, instead of returning to perming, braids and weaves we started buying lace front wigs and half wigs.

We were hooked!  Wigs gave us the opportunity to switch things up, with no commitment.

As we look back, wearing wigs turned out to be one of the best decisions we made for maintaining our natural hair.

Why wear wigs to maximize hair growth?

Less Combing and Pulling:  This is the number one reason, wigs are great for retaining length.  Combing, straightening and excessive manipulation to your hair, almost always equals more damage.  After our routine co-wash, we braid our hair and secure it under a silk cap.  We do this about once every week or so, and thus aren’t pulling on our own hair 7 days a week.

This routine also, helps us step away from the hair products!  If we want to dye, straighten or change up our style, we change our wig and avoid damaging our own hair.


Believable and Versatile:  If your into change like we are, you appreciate the versatility of wearing wigs.   Braiding and weaves, usually mean a lot of manipulation and stress on your hair.  Luckily wigs like lace fronts are so believable and natural looking, you can get the same look with none of the damage.

Fun:  Wigs are fun, and you can wear any style you want and never commit.  Wearing wigs, also never gets boring, there are literally thousands of styles to choose from.  Short, long, curly and you can go back to straight with no heat damage, or stress on your own hair!  Plus it’s fun to fool our coworkers and collect compliments on hair that isn’t even ours (we’ll tell them…eventually).

Tips to retain length and grow your hair

Braid your hair: braiding your hair under your wig helps reduce stress on your hair and retain moisture.  Depending on the length of your hair, you can choose cornrows or calabar braids.  We have been using cornrows, but have recently changed to calabar after getting more serious about our hair journey.  There are different opinions on which is better, but calabar braids ensure no pulling on your hair line and help to let the scalp breath.

Don’t manipulate:  This is a key in the hair growth game, you must learn to not manipulate your hair.  In many hair growth regimens, the main thing is to avoid combing and stressing that hair fibers.

Avoid adhesive: Glues and adhesives are popular wig application methods.  But if your wearing wigs to promote hair growth, stay clear of these products.  We prefer to wear glue-less wigs, half wigs and simply use the combs in the wig to secure it.  If you do use any adhesives, be sure to remove your wig carefully and don’t just yank it off (be kind to your hair).

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Protect your hair underneath (silk cap):  Avoid frizz, pulling and stress on your hair under your wig by securing your hair under a cap.  Any cap is better than no cap, but a silk caps natural fibers help avoid breakage and lock in moisture.

Keep a Routine : Don’t stop your regular wash and conditioning, this is key to maximizing your hair growth.  By continuing to moisturize and seal regularly, your ensuring your hair is not brittle and breaking when you stop wearing your wigs.

Wig Regimen:

Regimen for promoting hair growth under your wig, can be tweaked for your liking.

  • Braid hair, in about 6-14 braids
  • Shampoo every 2 weeks
  • Deep condition  after washing
  • Use leave in conditioners after deep conditioning
  • Air dry after every wash
  • Put  hair back in braids
  • Remove wig and sleep with hair covered with a satin or silk scarf every night

Click here for this full wig/hair regimen.

Wig Regimen Hair Growth Products:


100% Pure Castor Oil :  This deep penetrating oil is rich in vitamins and fatty-acids and promotes hair growth by nourishing hair on a deep level.

Moroccan Mask Deep Conditioner:   Rejuvenate weak and thinning hair by adding a deep conditioning mask.  Click Here to Browse Moroccan Mask Deep Conditioners and more on Amazon.

More advice on hair growth:

Hair Vitamins:  Diet and nutrition also play a large role in both hair growth and hair loss. Studies have shown that nutritional deficiencies of minerals, vitamins, and essential fatty acids can make it difficult to grow long hair. (source) We’ve chosen to supplement any gaps in nutrition by using a good vitamin.  Are favorite is Hairinfluence veggie capsules and Hairanew growth supplements, both around $20.

Use the L.O.C method: The Liquid Oil Cream Method or L.O.C method is a method for moisturizing natural hair. With this method, you hydrate your hair with with water or a water-based liquid product like a watery leave-in then follow that up by sealing in you moisture with an oil and then finishing with a cream-based product to fully seal your hair.  oils that have the ability to penetrate the cuticle shafts as well and can also moisturize hair.