Like many other things these days, you can purchase wigs from online stores. In fact, purchasing one online is a convenient way to look through all the different options and find exactly what you need.

Just make sure that you buy the wig from a reputable site that sells quality products at reasonable pricing. Unfortunately, there are a lot of deceptive websites that mislead customers into purchasing poor-quality, overpriced wigs, or even scam buyers who pay for a wig they never receive.

If you are buying a wig online for the first time, it can be particularly easy to fall victim to online scams. To help you ensure that you have a good buying experience, here are some legit online wig store recommendations:

Luvme Hair


Luvme Hair is a Chinese brand that aims to help its customers feel and look their best. The company is well-known for its wigs but offers many other products. The store offers a wide range of wig types as well as closures, bundles, and useful accessories to help the installation process. The inventory of the store is divided into multiple categories which makes it easy to find exactly what you need. Apart from this, the website also displays any current discounts, sales, or coupon codes available to customers on products.

Customer support of the company is excellent. They have a fast service help section that you can use to ask any questions you might have before and after purchase. The delivery times of Luvme Hair are also pretty fast. Overall, the store has a high consumer rating which indicates that many customers are satisfied with their purchases.

Vogue Wigs


Vogue Wigs is another legit online store that sells high-quality wigs, extensions, and many other hair products at reasonable prices. The store has a large inventory of hair products and the website is easy to navigate. It makes it easy to choose the wigs with its numerous useful filters like hair fiber, length, cap size, features, brand, texture, face shape, price, hairstyles, and even product weight.

Vogue Wigs also has a Price Match feature which means if you find their wig cheaper on some other website, you can contact the company via their online form and they will quickly respond for a price match. Overall, this online wig store has it all product-wise and their customers are satisfied. If you make Vogue Wigs your first online place to shop for wigs, you will most likely be satisfied with what they have on offer, and more.

Gorgius Wigs


Gorgius is a relatively new online retailer of wigs but it is quickly gaining popularity thanks to its growing product selection, fast delivery times, and great customer service. The website is easy to navigate and has products listed in different categories. You can browse the stores and find the wig of your choice by navigating to categories like popular, style, texture, color, new in, and more. They also have useful guides on wig styling, finding products, and more.

Customer reviews of Gorgius praise the company’s communication and shipping process. On the website, you can see photos and reviews of real people posting how they look with the wig. The quality of wigs looks amazing and the store also provides clip-ins and security band with them. Customer service team is responsive and helpful to ensure buyers have a hassle-free buying experience.



If you are new to buying wigs online and don’t know where to begin, then this legit website has amazing resources to help. Wigs is a seasoned company that has been helping customers buy wigs, extensions, hairpieces, and more for many years. You can find a great wig variety on the online store. Prices vary depending on the brand, hair length, type, etc. Shipping is great and they also have a 30-day return policy which is excellent.

Most of the wigs on the store have reviews and feedback from customers that help inform how comfortable the wig is, details on the appearance, how long it lasts, and more. The website is easy to navigate and browsing products is an enjoyable experience thanks to various categories and filters.

Overall, you can shop with confidence at this reputed online wig store. Wigs has thousands of positive customer reviews who attest to the fact that the products they offer are of high-quality, match the pictures online, and they are shipped quickly as well.



BeautyTrends specializes in selling quality wigs, hairpieces, and accessories online at affordable pricing. You can shop them by cap construction, texture, fiber, length, size, gender, color, brand, and price. Each product has several photos on its page to show how it looks on an actual person.

Majority of the wigs sold at BeautyTrends are drop-shipped which means the company itself doesn’t ship the products and uses third-party manufacturers. Drop-shipped products may take up to seven days to arrive. Overall customer reviews of the store and its products are positive. The great pricing and a huge selection of wigs makes BeautyTrends a good option.

Wig Outlet


Wig Outlet online store was created as a way for customers to have easy and affordable access to top brands like Raquel Welch, Luxhair, Ellen Willie, Jon Renau, and others. Apart from their huge selection of wigs, the online store also sells hair extensions, toppers, hairpieces, and hair care products.

The categories of wigs at Wig Outlet are basically endless. You can browse wigs for women, men, and kids and use filters like length, hairstyle, color, fiber, etc. to narrow down your search. The company stands behind all their products with Wig Outlet Guarantee. Customers report that pricing is great, shipping is fast, and returns are easy. Overall, Wig Outlet is one of the top places to buy quality, affordable wigs online.

Choosing a wig is not an easy task, particularly if you are buying one for the first time. The good news is, the plethora of legit online wig stores make the process easy. With the above-listed legit companies on the web, you can have peace of mind knowing that you will be buying a high-quality, affordable product that suits your specific preferences.