Are you planning to take a dip in the pool this summer while wearing your wig? There are a few things you might consider before diving into those cool, refreshing waters. First, depending on what it is you are planning to do in the water, your wig may or may not be up to the challenge.

Lace Front Wigs

A popular question from lace front wig connoisseurs remains, “Can I swim in my lace front wig?” The short answer is ‘Yes.’ Women have been swimming in lace front wigs for years. There are a few caveats that you must consider, however, before you embark on your first lap in the pool.

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The Power of the Adhesive

Even before you dip your toe into the pool, you will want to determine if you are using the best glue for a lace front wig. Let’s face it; outside of the pool or ocean, your most significant concern in selecting a wig adhesive tends to focus on the creation of an invisible hairline and the power of the glue to hold your favorite accessory in place.

Sure, you want to know if your wig adhesive can withstand humidity and sweat, but even these criteria for what makes an excellent adhesive cannot compare to what is necessary for the rigors of swimming.

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Lace Front Wig wearers agree that while you can swim in a wig, you cannot do it for an extended period. Your wig will likely lift as time passes if you are not careful. Even the best wig adhesives will only last for so long.

Test your adhesive before going for a swim. Don’t worry; this test is relatively easy to perform. Get in the shower and allow the water to flow freely. If it withstands that test, take a dip in the bathtub. If you are fancy enough to own a pool that is free of peeping eyes, go for a swim. Any of these methods will give you rapid insight into whether your lace front durable and up to the task.

Even if the wig holds, don’t forget to check the hairline for wig adhesive residue. The appearance of wig adhesive residue may steal your efforts to keep it cute.

Synthetic Hair and Swimming

Wig experts agree that you may want to consider wearing synthetic hair while swimming in anything that is not a pool or the ocean. Synthetic hair is durable, and they can help to reduce your risk for picking up nasty bacteria, fungus, or mold that may come with swimming in a lake or pond. Of course, you should proceed with caution if planning to spend a lot of time in the sun and heat as we know that synthetic wigs do not always respond well to high temperatures.

Toppers and Swimming

If you are a woman who enjoys wearing toppers, you can swim with a topper. You will want to take steps to secure it with a few extra clips, or the risk will be high that it will not remain in place. Consider taking advantage of a hat, visor, or swim cap if you are looking to keep it cute.

In summary, you can swim while wearing a wig. You may even want to consider wearing a swim cap to hold that hair in place. Aside from a colorful swim cap, there are a few tips that you will want to follow to avoid embarrassment or humiliation. Keep the swim short and sweet, check your hairline for unwanted residue, and if all else fails, don’t get in the water if your adhesives and clips are not up for the challenge.