So, you’re new lace front wig unit has arrived and its time to prepare your new wig.  Most wigs whether human or synthetic come with lace around the hairline that needs to be trimmed before wear.

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We gathered some helpful tips to help you cut that excess lace and lay your unit flawlessly.  Check out our helpful tips, tricks and products below!

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Supplies you’ll need:

First, gather your tools for cutting and styling your lace front wig.  You’ll need some good scissors, some tweezers, a wig head (optional) and some patience.  You may want to use some wig clips to pull the hair back if this is your first time, or you want to create your own baby hairs.

Customize Hairline before cutting (optional): If you choose to customize the hairline before cutting here are some tips.  Prepare the hairline by placing it on a wig head and plucking along carefully with some tweezers.  This lessens the density along the perimeter of the wig, allowing it to look more natural.  Hold the unit up to your own hairline, for examples on where to pluck less or more.

Now lets Cut the Lace!

Step 1: Clear baby hairs

Find the center of the front of the lace wig and slide the thin hair clip vertically to mark the position. The lace should be parted evenly on each side of the clip.  Use two large hair clips to clip the hair on either side of the center-marking clip back. This will keep any stray hairs of the lace wig from being cut.

Step 2: Cut your lace

Now let’s cut the lace, you may do this on a wig head or by using your own head.  Start on the side of the wig, and follow your natural hairline.  Cut toward the middle, carefully ensuring you don’t cut your own hair.  Pull the lace of the wig tight with your fingers while cutting to ensure even and smooth strokes.

Then place the wig on your head, if your using a wig head and trim any extra lace that may be covering your ears.  It is necessary to cut the lace all the way back on the sides since this part is not as visible as the forehead area.

How you cut your lace, is your preference but we usually cut it while wearing it.  We think this creates a more realistic looking hairline, then using the wig head.

Step 3:  Blend and Lay

Once you have your unit on add a little pressed powder to the part to make it look more natural.  If your nervous about your lace sliding or have a soft lace unit.  You can apply a dap or so of lace front wig adhesive.  Wrap your head with a scarf to lay the edges and adhesive, after 10 minutes or so you’re ready to go!  Once applied, style your wig and enjoy your new flawless installed unit!

There are many ways to style and lay a lace front to look more natural.  You can reveal your own hairline as well by pulling some of your own hair out from under the lace front.  Applying powder to the part of the unit also helps to mask any holes that could be noticeable on the lace front.  It’s best to try a synthetic unit that is a little less expensive to learn how to cut and lay a lace front.  As you become more comfortable and confident in your skills, try a beautiful Human Hair Lace Front Wig that can for last months!

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