As summer approaches, we are all eager to hit the beach or get out the house. Whether you’re headed to a barbeque or just ready to get some sunshine. You shouldn’t have to choose between looking cute and burning up in your wig.

Caution – It’s a Heat Wig Advisory !!

After literally pulling our wig off and sitting in front of a fan one day. We knew we needed to come up with a list of tips to save our wig wearing friends from mayhem.

Tip 1: Skip the Wig Cap

Most wig wearers, first use a wig cap to protect and secure their own hair underneath. While this is usually a good idea, it may just heat things up for you in the summer months. There are no sweat wig liners, but we honeslty haven’t tried them yet.

We suggest trying a net wig cap or just skipping the cap altogether (if you can). You can always add it back to your routine, when the weather cools down. Plus, who is really going to know .. your going capless, your secret is safe with us!

ReadyWig Lace Front Wig - Comfy Lace, Pre-plucked Hairline |

Tip 2: Use a Glue-less Application Method

We know the hype is the cap method, these days and we get it. We definitely think methods using wig glue, can look layed. But, lets keep it real… it’s hot out here ! We’d go with a glue-less wig method for better comfort.

Not only can it be hot during the Summer, but in some area that HUMIDITY is no joke! Have a back up glueless method, to help you survive the hotter days. A wig grip may also help, if you feel you need extra security for your wig.

Tip 3: Go Shorter and Thinner

It is no fun to have a long, sweaty hair on in your face on a a hot summer day! Go for a bob or shorter wig to avoid this nightmare. Many Human Hair Wigs can be purchase, at thinner densities.

Tip 4: Wash Your Unit More Often

It’s your own personal decision, when to wash your wig. It also depends whether the wig is made of human or synthetic hair fibers. In the summer months, your wig can really build up with sweat etc. To keep your wig from losing shape and getting heavier, we suggest washing it often.

If you are interested in a wavy look, wash your wig. Spray your human hair wig with conditioner, a dab of mousse and finish with a setting spray. Braid the wig up and set it out, on a wig stand to dry. When you wake up, you should have a really cute, wet and wavy style.

Tip 5: Get Comfy, Don’t Wear Your Tight Wig

In the hotter months, it’s hard enough to fight with the heat. Don’t let the size and fit of your wig cap be your second battle. Wear a wig that fits comfortable around your head. There are a number of different brands on the market, and each are known for being “big head” friendly or not. While a snuggly fitting wig, may be ok for cooler summer nights. We say pass, on while out and about in the daytime.

In addition, wigs made with Swiss Lace are known to be more comfortable. They fit pretty well in all weather and won’t scratch on your hairline as much as other lace materials.

In the end, we want our fellow wig wearers, to look good all year round. We hope you found this list helpful. If you have any other tips, please comment below!

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