Lace front wigs are fun to wear. They give us access to a whole new world of beauty, style, and trendsetting fashion. From the classy lines of straight hair to the waves of bountiful curls, lace front wigs are a great accessory that allows you to boldly rock new looks that celebrate your personality and spirit on any given day. 

Lace front wigs get a bad wrap sometimes for wreaking havoc on our edges. Lace front wigs alone are not the cause of hair or edge damage but how we treat our natural hair when electing to wear these wigs does affect the health of our hair and edges.

Our edges have a structure that lacks the degree of flexibility and elasticity found in other regions of our natural hair. This characteristic makes them susceptible to damage and hair loss that may occur with excessive manipulation like creating tension, using dehydrating hair products, tape, or other forms of adhesive. Translation? The fate of your natural hair is in your hands. You should not let someone else’s experience deter you from boldly investing a collection of bold or sassy lace front wigs.

Lace Front Wig Installation Tips and Hair Care

Your lace wig installation technique is EVERYTHING for multiple reasons. From the lay of the wig to the care of those edges, the way you don your wig can influence how good you look and whether your hair holds up beneath your chosen hair accessory.

Here are five lace front wig installation and hair care tips:

Invest in a Good Wig Cap

There’s nothing more frustrating than a tight wig cap that feels as though it is suffocating your scalp, hair and innermost thoughts. Invest in a beige or neutral tone wig cap that does not create tension on your edges but still creates the illusion of a natural scalp and hairline. Your goal is to purchase a wig cap that adequately hides your hair but also allows for air circulation to your scalp. The wig cap should be environmentally friendly and allow for your hair to retain moisture.

Customize Your Lace Front

Remember that your goal is to make this wig look as realistic as possible. Feel free to spend a little time trimming the lace on the front, but not before thinning out the hairline to create a realistic view. Test out your new look with the wig cap in place and modify.

If You Must Gel

If you must apply gel to those edges, remember that a dab should do ya! Your mission? To avoid crusty, white flakes and bone dry edges. Remember, always allow your gel dry before putting the wig on your head.  We like Hick’s Edge Styling Gel, because it holds well our edges feel moisturized but not greasy.  If your edges are dry and may be a little sensitive, another great edge control is Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla edge control.

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What About those Combs?

If the wig has combs, secure them within the frame of the wig cap and not your hair. This action can help to reduce the chance of tension-related breakage.

Do Not Wear Wigs for an Extended Time

If you choose to use adhesive to hold your lace front wig in place for a lengthy duration, you should try to avoid wearing it for more than four weeks.

Do I Have to Use Glue or Tape Adhesive?

The lace front wig community has varying opinions about whether or not to use glue or tape adhesive. Got2B Ultra Glued Gel is a fan-favorite for many lace-front divas because it is not a glue but a gel which means it does not last for more than a day or so.  If you decide to use this glue gel, apply it just in front of the hairline to reduce any chance of breakage along the edges. Again, keep it light to avoid flakes and white crust.  For our step by step guide for installing your wig with Got2B Glued method, click here.

You do not have to use tape or glue to secure your wig. Many lace front mavens prefer to sew in an elastic band as a source of security and to use hairspray in place of gel to slick down their edges. This action reduces friction and tension on your natural hair and hairline.

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Moisturize Your Hair

When wearing wigs, make sure to keep your hair and scalp rich with hydration. Wearing lace front wigs do not permit you to neglect your hair. Even though your hair is out of sight beneath this wig, you must care for your hair with a proper shampoo and deep-conditioning regimen to prevent the hair from breaking.

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Treat Your Edges

Take care of your edges by ensuring you provide them with an environment of hydration and periodic scalp massages. Scalp massages are an excellent way to stimulate blood flow and circulation to this region of your hair. Circulation improves the rate at which your hair grows thanks to the increasing flow of oxygen and nutrients.

Deep conditioning is a must, however, remember to mix things up by using a protein treatment periodically. Protein treatments help to repair the structure of our hair and fill in gaps to reduce the risk of breakage. This action is especially essential for you too if planning to lay your edges down with gel or alcohol-based products.

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You should feel confident in your decision to purchase a lace front wig! With proper hair care practices, you can control your fate while still slaying and giving the world a gloriously stunning look for days in your favorite lace front wig.

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