How are you planning to pack your favorite lace frontal wigs for your next vacation? If you had to stop and think about it, there is a real possibility that you just might be doing it wrong. In addition to planning for the lace frontal wig you are planning to wear on the plane ride or during your car trip to your destination, your packing list should always include a strategy for how to best transport your lace wig collection.

Let’s face it ladies; when you are traveling, you rarely want to confine your flair for fashion to having to wear a single wig. After all, wigs allow for versatility, allowing us to change things up from time to time. For example, sometimes a gal is in the mood for a medium cut with beach waves. There are other moments in which you want to rock a short pixie cut wig, and then, there are those events where nothing less than a Brazilian Deep Wave lace front will do. 

Wig carrying cases are a fantastic and stylish way to help you keep those precious accessories protected yet, easily accessible.

What is a Wig Carrying Case?

Although your first instinct might be to merely wrap your wig in a silk scarf or satin bonnet and shove it into its original packaging or even a Ziploc bag to conserve space in your suitcase, a wig traveling case may prove extremely useful in helping you to preserve the style of the wig and increase your options for fashion.

A wig carrying case sometimes known as a wig traveling case or wig box allows you to transport your wigs separate from your other travel items. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the one thing they have in common is the common goal of helping you to transport your wigs easily.

Benefits of Using a Wig Carrying Case

You’re probably weighing the pros and cons of purchasing a wig carrying case. How vital are they? Are these items worth the spend? Absolutely! Anything that enables you to prolong the life of your favorite lace front wig collection and get it from point A to point B is well worth the investment.

Let’s examine five fundamental reasons a wig carrying case is advantageous for a variety of reasons that you must consider.

Preserves the Style of Your Wig

What is the thing you worry about most when traveling with your wigs? Aside from your precious pieces being lost with your checked bags, the next thing you may worry about most whether or not this hair will look as good as it did before packing it away in your luggage.

Wig carrying cases help to take the stress out of maintaining your hair. It allows you to protect the shape of your wigs despite being tucked away in your luggage to keep your style looking fresh and tasteful. Various brands feature an expandable feature which allows for the inclusion of an adjustable, styrofoam wig head that can sustain the quality of short and long wigs for the journey.

This unique quality allows for the ability to pin your wig atop of the head and style or maintain the wig once you reach your destination. The smaller sizes allow for you to store two to three wigs depending on the length and volume of hair you are placing inside of the case.

Others do not have styrofoam wig heads but still allow for you to insert the wig, crown down and store your wig, successfully enabling you to sustain the shape of your wig.

Breathable Material Options

Most wig carrying cases consist of materials that aid in protecting them from environmental factors that may affect the overall integrity of the wig.  This breathable material protects your lace front wig from having to withstand excess moisture, which can lead to the development of mold and even cause your hair to smell.

Water-resistant options are also available, which can prove to be particularly useful in preventing the pains of matting and hair frizz from taking hold of those precious tresses.

One-Size Does Not Have to Fit All

Whether you elect to travel with two of your favorite lace frontal wigs or ten, you will be pleased to know that there are multiple travel cases and wig travel box sizes to choose from that are guaranteed to meet your needs.

If your goal is to match your luggage with these wig cases, it will please you to know that there are dozens of brands like Aldofo Design and Milano Collection that feature carrying cases that are available in a variety of colors and designs.

Not a fan of adding another bulky wig case or travel box or having to tow additional bags around, there are mini-wig and hair extensions carrying options that still provide the protection you are seeking without taking up too much space in your suitcase or carry-on bag.

Low Budget or Minimal Packing Space Budget

Your decision to properly pack your wig away in a wig travel case or box does not require you to break the bank to enjoy the perks of using a wig travel case. These travel items cost as little as $15 depending on the size or style you choose to purchase.

Multi-functional Bags with Amazing Features

Bags like Dini Wig’s Travel box feature a mirror, pocket’s and wig mounts which help to make it a multi-functional tool in assisting you to travel with your wigs to just about any location. Who says you cannot have fashion with function?

There you have it! Wig travel doesn’t have to be a stress-filled process. Your experience can be effortless with the right resources. Wig carrying cases or travel boxes may help to minimize the drama packing your favorite lace fronts. Every wignista needs a wig carrying case or travel box. These bags ensure you can enjoy convenient but stylish travel.