Just purchased a synthetic wig or looking to buy one and wondering, how do make this wig last? Well, we’ve wondered the same thing and after ruining several wigs. We wanted to know what are the best tools/products/tips to maintain a synthetic wig.

Before we get into the tips and tools it’s good to know a little about what synthetic wigs are actually made of. According to livestrong.com, Synthetic wigs are made out of man made artificial fibers such as polyester or acrylic. While synthetic hair may not be human it still has its benefits. It can be lighter than human hair, hold a style longer and cost ¼ of the price of human hair.

Synthetic wigs are also great for a quick change of style without damaging your own hair.  There also very affordable and easy to use.  There’s a lot of styles to choose from; long, short, curly, kinky, yacky and all textures in between.

The only issue with synthetic wigs is of course, they don’t have very long shelf life.  Basically, once the wig is tangled and brittle it’s pretty much DONE.  But we all want to make sure we get our money’s worth out of every wig we purchase.  Here are some helpful tips to help you maintain and keep your synthetic wigs fresher longer.

 Synthetic Wig Maintenance Tips:

  1. Don’t Touch: Natural grease from your hands can stress out the synthetic fibers causing the wig to lose its shine and causing the ends to tangle faster.
  2. Always use a PADDLE brush or wide tooth comb. If you’re wearing a curly piece skip the brush and run your fingers through the hair to separate the curls. Only use products marked for synthetic wigs/hair, there’s a lot to choose from at your local beauty supply store.  Browse top reviewed synthetic leave in conditioners – here
  3. . Water and Wind are not your friends, unless you are washing your wig.
  4.  Store you wig properly: Always store your wig and a wig head or wig holder.  It helps maintain the wig fibers and reduces wear and tear.

How to detangle or refresh your synthetic wig:

1. Take Wide tooth comb or paddle brush and start combing from the bottom.

2. Separate a small portion of the wig and detangle each section to the top

3. Optional: Use a synthetic wig spray, and spray the wig evenly

4. Place wig on a wig stand and let sit/dry over night

Some more helpful advice:

  • When washing ALWAYS use cool water
  • Never sleep in your wig always store properly on a wig stand or head
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If you maintain your wig and keep it stored correctly a synthetic wig can last up to 3 months!