Buying your first wig can be overwhelming, especially if your purchasing it online.  Feeling confident in your first wig purchase is important! We compiled some helpful tips to help guide your Online Lace Front wig buying journey.  Keep reading for all you need to know about purchasing your first wig!

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  1. Browse First

Look around the web for the type of lace front you’re looking for. Search color, style and type of lace. Get a feel for price ranges and the quality of hair pieces for each price range.  Also decide if you want a straight, curly or kinky lace front.  There are also different types of lace used, Swiss is usually softer while other lace can be harder.


  1. Decide what type of wig you need?

Are you looking for a weekend wig? Work wig? Or just not sure.  If you’re not sure about a style or color we suggest starting with synthetic Lace Front Wig which can be more affordable.  Once you’ve become confident with a look, fit and how to wear lace fronts you can search for more expensive pieces.  You can browse hundreds of affordable Lace Front Wigs here on Amazon.

Human or Synthetic wig

Human wigs usually come in more natural shades and can last longer, whereas synthetic units can come in a wider range of colors and generally cost less. Both human and synthetic wigs can last months with the proper care.


Pick a Parting Style

L-Part and C-Part units, like ­­­Freetress Danity Lace Front Wig have a small curved parting area shaped like, you guessed it, either an L or a C.  Most L part wigs come with a pre plucked, semi realistic part, ready for wear.  But, if you are the kind of person who likes to switch up your part from the side, to the middle and back; then you might prefer a unit with 4 by 4 inches of parting space such as Model Model’s FLS11.   The choice of parting space is up to you, and lace front wigs come in all varieties.

Choosing between Hard or Soft Lace

There are good things about both hard and soft lace so we recommend that you give them both a try. Hard lace is great for ensuring versatility with your unit because it doesn’t rise up when you want to style it, for example in a top knot. However, soft lace is very comfortable on your edges and if you are going to be wearing wigs daily for an extended period of time could be the right choice for you.

Wait, Will my wig fall off?

Most wigs come with combs in the front and back of the unit, and also adjustable straps so that you can snugly (but not tightly) fit the wig to your head. Unless someone pulls it off, it’s not likely that your wig will slip off completely.

  1. Choose a seller:

There are actually a number of ways to purchase wigs online.  Depending on your need you can find wigs several different ways.  The top three retailers are amazon, online boutiques and wig makers.  The price ranges vary for each retailer based off the services they offer.  Personal wig and stylist may charge more for styling, coloring and custom fitting of your wig. Large wig makers like Sensational, Model Model, Outre and It’s a wig create wigs based on general head shapes.  You can customize the fit of these wigs by adding combs and tightening the straps inside the wig unit.


Online Retailer: Large selection with good customer service and good return policies:  Amazon, Ali express, Lightinabox, Etsy

Online Hair and wig boutiques: Usually have good sells, but prices can vary based on demand: ElevatestylesGlamour Tress, Ebonyline, , Divatress, Hairsisters, SamsBeauty, RPG Show, UniWigs

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Wig Makers:  There are many wig makers who advertise on their social media accounts.  You can contact the seller directly for prices and specifications.  Search hashtags like: #Wigmaker  #Lacefronts  #BeautySupply

Is there a “better” brand?

There are so many fantastic brands to choose from, and we stock a large number of them including Bobbi Boss, Freetress, Model Model, Outre, Vivica Fox, and much more!

  1. Always Read Reviews

A good resource before buying a wig online are reviews.  If this is your first wig, we recommend reading buyer reviews and watching YouTube hair channels for an idea of how the wig wore and held up.  Most Youtubers will review the specs, fit and overall wear of the wig.  These women and men know their wigs, so don’t hesitate to browse as many reviews as you need.

  1. Buy and Enjoy!

Congratulations, you’ve bought your first (or 3rd) wig online! It wasn’t that bad right?  Lace fronts, extensions and wigs are more popular than ever.  Feel confident and beautiful in whatever choice you make.  Whether you want an everyday look or just to spice things up, Lace Front Wigs are definitely worth the investment.  There are many ways to style and lay a lace front to look more natural. You can reveal your own hairline as well by pulling some of your own hair out from under the lace front. Applying powder to the part of the unit also helps to mask any holes that could be noticeable on the lace front. It’s best to try a synthetic unit that is a little less expensive to learn how to cut and lay a lace front. As you become more comfortable and confident in your skills, try a beautiful Human Hair Lace Front Wig that can for last months!

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