Tight, curly, coarse and fine are all descriptions of type 4 hair. Type 4C hair is kinky and often very fragile. Simple everyday styling can leave your 4C hair brittle and strained.

Adding a deep conditioner treatment to your wash routine can dramatically reduce breakage and help retain length. Deep conditioning often is a must for all hair types but especially anyone with Type 4 hair.

How Often and Why

While most Type 4 hair will do well with a deep conditioning treatment every two weeks. 4c hair is known to retain less moisture, and thus be more prone to breakage. To give your 4c hair constant moisture, it’s best to deep condition weekly.

Deep conditioning weekly can help promote healthier hair, and help clear product build up from daily styling. Adding in a leave in hair mask after deep conditioning can also help retain moisture in between washes.

One of the second struggles with 4c hair is managing and detangling. By deep conditioning weekly, you can boost shine and styling manageability; win win.

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Best Products To Deep Condition 4C Hair

There are many favorites among the natural hair community. When it comes to type 4 hair, the range in curl patterns; means everyone can find their own unique technique

If you’re into DIY deep conditioners, you can try olive oil and honey. Combine 1/4 cup of each and apply to your hair from root to tip. Rinse and style after for a boost in shine and moisture. If you’re into more daring DIY conditioners, check out are post on DIY Breastmilk deep conditioner.

For store bought products, we have found some fan favorites online. We have used and loved the Maui Deep Conditioner and also the Carols Daughter.

A good deep conditioner should include water as a first or second ingredient. Other great natural ingredients, include coconut oil, aloe vera, proteins and olive oil. It’s best to stay away from products which have harmful ingredients such as silicones and parabens. Silicone based products can reverse the effects of oils penetrating the hair shaft. If it’s silicone based, ditch it; you always want the full benefits from your conditioners.

Don’t Over Condition

Any deep conditioning treatment should sit in your hair, for a maximum of twenty to thirty minutes. Implementing a regular deep conditioning routine can help nurse damage hair back to health. Consistency, is most important along your natural hair journey; sticking to your routine is the key to seeing real results.

There is a lot of natural hair advice on the internet, and some of it may be harmful. A deep conditioning routine, should be weekly or biweekly and left in your hair for minutes not hours. Be weary of advice about overnight treatments, because it can actually do more damage than good.

When your hair follicle is excessively moisturized it can lead to Hygral Fatigue. When your hair goes from wet to dry often, it stresses the hair follicles out. Swelling when wet and shrinking when dry, this actually can lead to breakage. Its best to experiment with different deep conditioners, to find what works best, so you avoid over conditioning.

They key to finding the right natural hair products is knowing your hair porosity and monitoring your hair elasticity over time. The natural hair journey is often trial and error until you find whats right for you and your locs.