Hold onto your edges ladies and gentlemen, these hair stylists are out here slaying these lace front wigs! Lace front wigs and lace frontals are taking over social media and will keep you scrolling on Instagram.  Very talented hair stylist and wig makers are literally slaying the hair game and melting the hairlines; it’s like the lace just disappears.These talented hair stylists are making lace wigs blend perfectly into the hairlines of their clients.  Not only are they creating custom units and frontals there styling, coloring and cutting to perfection.  From 20inch Russian blonde wigs to unicorn rainbow inspired units, the work is amazing.

Celebrities like Cardi B, Porsha Williams and many more have sought units and installs from these talented stylist. After observing the talent we knew we had to spread the word.  Below are some of the most popular hair stylist and wig makers on Instagram, check out their pages. But, proceed with caution, you may or may not get your edges back after see how perfect they blend these wigs!

Tokyo Stylez

I am Alonzo Arnold 

Trina Bout that Hairlife

Amazing, right? The truth is a lot of these wigs and frontals are stock units from the manufacturer or found online on sites like Amazon.  It’s the sheer skill and talent of these stylist that really bring these lace front wigs to the next level. We are simply amazed, comment below and tell us what you think of these talented artist.