Avocado conditioners offer a natural treatment for dry 4c natural hair. If you are a member of the 4C natural hair family, you know that this hair is notorious for being the most difficult of the natural hair textures to infuse and maintain any degree of moisture. Avocado conditioners can help you take control of your kinks and coils. 

Benefits of Using Avocado Conditioner on 4C Hair

Why use avocados on natural hair? Avocados are excellent for natural hair, and specifically, type 4C hair because it contains the right blend of essential moisturizing ingredients. Avocados are a fantastic source of monounsaturated fatty acids. Also, they are rich in vitamin E, iron, magnesium, vitamin A, B-complex vitamins, and vitamin C.

Each of these vitamins and minerals, contributes to the health of your scalp, hair structure, protects it from free radicals, and follicle production.

Avocados help to define your curl or coil pattern, softens your hair, and delivers shine.

DIY Avocado Conditioner Recipe for 4C Hair

While the marketplace continues to grow with products that contain avocado oil, you can create a natural and affordable avocado conditioner from the comfort of your home.

Here’s what you will need to get started:

  • Three avocados
  • Water -10 tablespoons
  • Organic RAW Honey -2 tablespoons
  • Pure Almond Oil -2 tablespoons
  • Coconut Oil -2 tablespoons
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2-tablespoons
  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil 2-tablespoons
  • Blender or Nutribullet for mixing

Cut your avocado in half and scoop out the avocado. Add ten tablespoons of water into a blender cup with the avocado and blend. Add two tablespoons of each of the remaining ingredients, and blend well. Please note that you may have to add more water to decrease the thickness of the consistency of your avocado conditioner.

It is important to note here that your specific measurements may increase or decrease as you repeat this process. You will want to look for tell-tale signs of how your hair responds to the ingredients, which include shine, changes to your hair’s texture, hair structure, and manageability.

Naturalistas recommend that when using the avocado treatment, use a filter or strainer to remove the large chunks that may be leftover after blending is complete. Straining the mixture will help to ensure that you get rid of those pesky chunks of avocado in your hair.

After washing your hair, section your hair into a minimum of four parts. If your hair is thicker or medium length to long, you may want to create additional parts. Next, you will apply your avocado conditioner to your hair from root to tip, saturating the hair.

After applying the conditioner, put on a conditioning cap or thin shower cap. You can sit under a dryer or leave the conditioner on with the cap without using a dryer. Leave the conditioner on your hair for approximately 20 to 30 minutes, then rinse the conditioner from your hair. You can use cold water, or you can rinse it away with a mild shampoo. Be sure to rinse thoroughly to ensure all the avocado pieces are gone!  

More about Those Other Avocado Conditioner Ingredients

You may be wondering why the ingredients selected for the conditioner may further benefit your 4c natural hair. Let’s take a closer look at how these items will boost the health of your natural kinks and coils.

How Does Honey Help Natural Hair?

Honey functions as a fabulous humectant that helps hair to attract and retain water that is floating in the air. 4C’s tightly coiled, zig-zag patterns can make it difficult for your hair to receive or retain moisture. Therefore, it requires an excessive amount of dedication to using products or natural resources like raw honey to help it seal in moisture.

Pure Almond Oil Benefits for Natural Hair

4c natural hair is susceptible to losing its vibrancy due to its capacity to become extremely dry without the use of the appropriate products or natural potions like a DIY avocado conditioner. Almond oil has natural hydrating and moisturizing properties that not only help to boost the quality of these beautiful coils, but it also helps to deliver shine. Another positive effect of using almond oil? It can help to reduce the occurrence of dry and itchy scalp events as well as decrease episodes of breakage.

Coconut Oil and Natural Hair Care

The natural hair community has a love-hate relationship with coconut oil. Depending on your school of thought, this oil may not be your top choice to include in this natural hair conditioner potion. Still, if you are a fan, you may appreciate some of the noted benefits naturalistas have identified in using this oil. Coconut oil is another oil that can help you to restore shine, soften those coils, and seal in moisture. It is a fantastic oil that helps to nourish your scalp and stimulate hair growth.

If you are not a fan of coconut oil, try using an alternative oil like argan oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Benefits for Natural Hair

Olive oil can be an excellent daily leave-in conditioner. As an ingredient in your DIY Avocado Conditioner treatment, olive oil further aids in the effort to make hair more manageable, reducing frizz, and providing relief to dry scalp.  It is perfect for 4c hair because of its ability to penetrate your hair strands and retain moisture.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil Benefits for Natural Hair

Jamaican black castor oil is a powerful ally in the quest to strengthen brittle coils and restore moisture to 4C type natural hair. It helps to stimulate blood flow to the scalp, which is essential for hair follicle stimulation and hair growth.

Can I Add Other Ingredients to My DIY Avocado Conditioner?

Avocado conditioner recipes can be adjusted to fit the needs of your hair. Want to boost hair growth or improve hair elasticity? Add a banana to the mix? Are you looking to soothe an itchy scalp? Prepare ½ a cup of oatmeal and add it to the blender. Of course, make sure that the oatmeal is cool before adding it to your scalp.

Welcome to Natural Moisture

Avocado conditioning treatment can breathe new life into your natural hair by delivering shine, removing frizz, and bestowing moisture. When combined with raw honey and essential oils, avocados can help to improve the structure of your hair, giving it definition and volume. You can use your avocado conditioner mix as often as indicated.