Hair loss, hair thinning, alopecia and baldness happens to millions of Americans.  Whether you are tall, short, active, healthy, dark skin or fare skin.  When hair loss happens to you, it can be devastating to your self-esteem.  Men are usually victims to early hair loss and baldness but according to over forty percent of new hair loss cases are women.

There are many different causes for hair loss among black women.  From hereditary, health or lifestyle choices; hair loss doesn’t discriminate.  Most African American women worry about losing their hairline due to tense hairstyles and braids.  But some see baldness at the crown of their head even after avoiding tight hairstyles.

Emerging Hair Loss Remedies

There are many different solutions for hair loss, and some more extreme than others.  While some have seen great progress with hair supplements and changing their diet.  We aren’t experts on surgical procedures but we fond some great remedies you can try, in the comfort of your own home.

Laser hair growth treatment is growing more and more popular.  Unlike hair removal, hair laser growth treatments are designed to help you regrow your own hair follicles.

How Laser Hair Combs Work:

It’s pretty interesting to see how laser hair systems work.  Most of us know laser treatment to be used to remove hair, not regrow hair.  It all seems backwards but when doctors saw hair growth when using low levels of laser treatment, they thought they may be on to something.  According to “the laser light is absorbed by cells, which in turn repairs them and encourages regrowth. According to the “New York Times” article, laser hair restoration won’t bring dead hair follicles back to life; however, it will stimulate follicles in the state of decline and make existing hair thicker and fuller”.

So, after reading lots of reviews and testimonials.  We were intrigued by laser hair growth and the results people were seeing.  But being a person of color, one question remained…

Do hair growth lasers work on dark skin and black hair? 

Yes! Laser Hair growth systems work on black hair and dark skin.  According the the Hairmax website, the Hairmax laser comb and other products work on black hair.

“Absolutely, the LaserComb works on Black hair.  We have found that it is extremely effective on damaged hair, especially from relaxers and other chemicals.  Race and/or ethnic background is not a variable in the laser efficiencies.  A hair follicle is the same physiology on all people.” -HairMax Forum

To read more about the HairMax system and technology.  Click here

 Laser Hair Growth Products for Black Hair:

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Tell us what you think, would you purchase a laser hair growth system?  Do you know anyone who has success with growing back there hair?

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