Buying wigs online has been a thing for years, but with social media booming. Buying wigs at the beauty supply store is quickly becoming a thing of the past. But unfourtanately, buying wigs online is not immune to the pitfalls of shopping online.

We’ve all seen the sad social media post, is going off and calling out a scammer. Whether it’s on Facebook or Instagram, it’s always a sad situation and no one wants to become a victim.

We stopped buying wigs from beauty supply stores, years ago. Are little wig buying hobby, has basically made us an expert when it comes to buying wigs online.

If you have never been scammed before, here is how it usually happens.

Wig Scammers Will Do the Following:

  • Have horrible customer service and very little contact info on website.
  • Bait and Switch; you will order one wig and get another.
  • Advertise High Quality and send you very Low Quality Units (ex. send synthetic wig, advertised as human)
  • Take your money and not send you a wig AT ALL 🙁

To help you avoid the madness, and credit card disputes. We compiled a list of tell tale signs, you’re probably about to get scammed.

Tips to Spot an Online Wig Scam:

1. Prices Too Good To Be True

Ok, now this honestly goes for any online store. But if you look at a wig online that is usually around $100 and it’s on “sale” for $25. Thats a scam! Don’t do it, step away from the online check out ASAP.

Look around at other wig sites to compare prices before buying from a company with super low prices. Sometimes you can get a good deal on a wig, if it is an older style fashion wig; or the company is having a sale.

Some companies buy wigs wholesale and sell them at cheaper prices, this is different. Even these wigs on Aliexpress or Wholesale direct will not be dirt cheap.

2. Never Heard Of You Wig

If you’ve have never heard of this wig store, search their name online first before purchasing. Most Wig companies have been reviewed on youtube or other blogs. If the site has no reviews or just their own, they are probably no good.

3. Cart Price Change

A common issue, that happens on wig scamming sites is changing prices at check out. If you’re getting an eerie felling at check out, it’s best not to put in your credit card information. Shipping, the price of the wig and the taxes should not dramatically change throughout the check out process.

4. Low Inventory

Any online store, should have a healthy amount of inventory. If you find a wig you like and there are very few color or length options; this is usually a red flag. If this isa legitimate business, they should have someone stocking items on the website.

5. No Customer Service

If you are buying from a new store, take the time to browse around the website. Read the return policy, about us page and make sure you’re getting all your questions answered. You’ll want to make sure you know who to call or email if things go left.

6. No Social Proof

You should always google a new wig store, before trusting them. If an online store, has no Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest account. It’s very likely this is not a legitimate company. Wigs are very popular online and many companies use social media to promote their brands. No social media accounts, is very sketch.

7. Fake Images

This is one of the first things we notice about scamming websites. All the photos on the website are stolen copyright images or innocent youtubers who have no idea their photo was stolen. On websites like Etsy or Amazon, you will often see the wigs on mannequins or customers. Which showcases the wigs quality and authenticity.

Now, Lets Review:

In all honesty, we’ve taken a chance on some wig websites and it’s turned out ok. Others, we won’t mention but you can save yourself by remembering these tell tale signs.

  1. Very Cheap Prices
  2. New Wig/Brand Store
  3. Sketchy Checkout
  4. Low Inventory
  5. Bad Customer Service
  6. No Social Proof
  7. Stolen Images

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Have you been scammed by an Online Wig Company? Comment below…