We all know breast milk has a multitude of benefits for infants and new mothers. But breast milk can actually be used for many other benefits including, your natural hair regimen.

According the the American Pregnancy Association, human milk is packed vitamins and with two major proteins; whey and casein. Since hair is majority made of protein, using breast milk to deep conditioner your locs can add strength and shine.

Breast milk is also rich in fats as well as healthy proteins. Frizzy and brittle hair is often caused severe lack of moisture.

The fats found in breast milk can help reduce frizz by restoring moisture to the hair follicles.

By adding moisture your essentially saving your hair from breakage and helping retain length. With a regular deep conditioning routine, your locs can stay moisturized and smooth.

How to Use Breast Milk as a Deep Conditioner

In order to get your locs full of goodness, simply fill a spray bottle with room temperature milk. Section your hair off and spray your hair down from root to tip. Usual deep conditioner routines, say go for a max of 30 minutes before moving on with your wash routine.

Everyones hair regimen is different and unique, but if I would have known breast milk was good for my hair. I wouldn’t have dumped my freezer supply after over pumping, just saying!

Why Deep Condition Type 4 Hair?

Type 4 hair is often tightly coiled and fragile. Because the coils make it a little more difficult for natural oils to flow down the hair shaft. Type 4 hair can often get dry and often break off.

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Finding a wash and deep conditioning routine is often the first step to protecting your 4c hair from damage and breakage. When researching deep conditioners and products best for our 4c hair. Often the best products for Type for hair are simple, easy DIY mixtures that just require a blender and some whole ingredients.

Other DIY Milk Deep Conditioners for Type 4 Hair

While breast milk may not be that easy to come by, there are other pretty easy deep conditioners you make at home or purchase online. Our favorite is actually olive oil and honey, but everyones hair is different; so its good to try out different conditioners to find what works best for your hair type.

If you got some free time and other sources of milk, you may be able to blend up some other DIY deep conditioners.

Banana and Milk Deep Conditioner

Bananas aren’t just good to eat on the go, they actually have a host of nutrients. Packed with vitamins such as vitamin c and potassium. Bananas can help control dandruff and regulating sebum production according to food.ndtv.com. Ezoic

To create this DIY conditioner, combine 100 ml of milk and 1 banana. Apply this mixture to your hair for 30 minutes before your regular wash routine.

Goat Milk Deep Conditioner

Goat milk is not new to the natural hair growth community. For years, goat milk has been an alternative to cow milk and made into natural soaps and more. Goat milk is rich in proteins, vitamins, calcium and vitamin B.

Goat milk is especially great for curly hair because of the natural oils that make the hair soft and shiny without stripping any natural oils.Ezoic

You can purchase goat milk at most whole foods markets or straight from distributors. We found some great conditioners and shampoo sets on Etsy here and Amazon here all around $20. The reviews state many, feel its made there hair shinier and more moisturized, we plan on trying it out ourselves.

Coconut Milk and Avocado Hair Conditioner

If your hair is on the dryer side, a coconut milk treatment may be what you need. Coconut Milk alone has many nutrients to help your hair follicles feel moisturized and healthy. By adding avocado and one tablespoon of honey, your locs can bounce back like never before. For great coconut milk hair mask etc, check out 3 Coconut Milk Mask Recipes for Dry Hair for some great DIY recipes.

@annettemint (Coconut Milk – 1 cup Avocado – 1/2 of an Avocado Hair oil – 2 tablespoons)

Comment below and tell us if you’ve used breast milk for hair growth or any other deep conditioner treatments.

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