Headband wigs are similar to half wigs and are versatile wigs, that are super easy to wear. Unlike half wigs, headband wigs come with an attached stretch fabric headband and combs inside the cap for really secure fit. 

Whether you’re a wig beginner or a wig wearer like us, headband wigs are a great simple protective style for anyone.

Headband wigs have actually been around for a years, but with the shortage of lace in 2020; headband wigs are becoming the it thing. Headband wigs are a good way to try different textures without breaking the bank.

Why Buy a Headband Wig?

Versatility, Simplicity and Blendability (we made this word up lol)

Honestly the main reason you need to try headband wigs is simple. They are SUPER QUICK and EASY to wear.

All you need to do is put on your headband wig, slick down your edges, maybe add a little product and your out the door! Simple.

Its also nice to be able to switch up the headbands for a different look.

Headband wigs are also very affordable, with an average price of around $60 for a medium length human hair unit. So if your not interested in dropping loads of cash, a headband wig is a good choice.

Best Places to Buy Your First Wig Online

If your as sold on the headband wig craze as we are, then you’ll definitely want to know where to pick up the best styles.  We ordered our very first headband wig from Amazon, for under $100.  After wearing it for the first time, we have to admit; we question why we hadn’t bought one sooner.

Its always a good look to purchase something new off a trusted website. If you are new to wigs and purchasing human hair online, we definitely suggest watching some YouTube reviews first.

Most companies, DO NOT want to be blasted on Social Media for having a bad product, so YouTube gives you an opportunity to see the product live before purchasing.

So without further a do .. here are our top online stores to buy a headband wig:


If you have Amazon prime and like to read reviews before you buy, Amazon is a good place to start. This is where we purchased our first headband wig, and also threw a set of head bands in the cart as well. We found a variety of styles, especially for African American hair textures. So if your looking for a good protective style, Amazon has a good variety of textures for you to check out.

Our Fav: Curly Human Hair Headband Wig

Creator: Courtney Adia on Youtube


We love to cruise YouTube for hair styles and wig reviews. Julia Hair is all over the web for making great beginner headband wigs online. Youtubers rave, the Julia Hair headband is a great quick and easy hairstyle to get up and go. So if your tired of closures and frontals, check out Julia Hair.


Julia Hair on Youtube


If you been in the wig game for a minute, then you’ve definitely heard of UNICE. UNICE is a popular site for human hair wigs, bundles and more. We really like the deals and other promos they often have going on. Unice has a great straight yaky wig that’s super popular. Check them out for headband wigs, lace wigs and other human hair.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! $15 OFF Over $189, Code: XMAS15

Our Fav: UNice Straight Human Hair Wig Glueless Wig


We can’t really mention wigs and not mention myfirstwig.com. This company has really become a favorite among first time wig wearers and wig pros. Many hair gurus, love the variety of styles and looks that are found on myfirstwig.com. We really like the natural looking wigs found on My First Wig. Check out there styles and the large



Let the blending be flawless ! If your looking for a variety of very blendable headband wigs that are well mad and versatile, check out RPGshow.com. RPG is a very well know hair and wig vendor, that has been around for years. There are many great reviews on youtube, and even celebrities who rave about RPG units.

Eayon Wigs

A bonus headband wig vendor is Eayon Wigs. They have a variety of Headband wigs, to choose from as well as other human hair units. We personally have not purchased from them, but they seem to have very good reviews on the YT (Youtube), so check them out!

Have you purchased a headband wig from any of these companies? Hopefully, you enjoyed the versatility and ease of wearing your headband wig unit. We got a lot of compliments on our unit, and honestly it’s our new go to on the weekends.

Let us know what your fav style is etc., below!