You may not have heard of Lace front wigs for men or man weaves; but they exist and are changing the lives of many men.   If your balding and have tried almost every product on the market, you may want to give lace front wigs a try. 

Lace front wigs are the most popular wigs because they are more realistic than any other wigs on the market.  The hair is hand tied to the lace base, one by one and gives the illusion of hair growing right out of the scalp.

Man weaves, more formally referred to as cranial prosthesis, hair replacement units or hair systems, are a nonsurgical procedure to help men who’ve lost their hair — be it through just balding or thinning, alopecia or cancer treatments — “regain” hair.  It’s been proven that baldness is something pass down through genetics. 

You could literally spend a fortune trying to grow your hair back.  While the clean bald look is not for everyone and neither is wearing a baseball cap 24/7.

best men's toupee hair replacement systems

Man weaves are designed for most hair types including Caucasian, Latino and African-American/black. Most man weaves are 100 percent human hair, although some are blends with synthetic hair.  If you’re ready to try something new and throw away the hats, check out some of the most popular lace front wigs for men.

You’ll need to find a barber or beautician who will help install your lace front wig or man weave. Also, try hair fibers to fill in any gaps and create a sharp hairline.

Lace Front and Man Weaves for all Hair Types:

Afro Curly


Loose Curl


Euro Straight

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Popular Afro Toupee Stores Online

The following is a list of the top Afro Toupee Stores online. Although toupees for African American hair textures have been around for some time. Stores are just now starting to offer different textures, colors and lengths online. Check out these popular shops online!


Ebay sells alot of things, but what many don’t know is they have a wide variety of hair pieces and mens units online. For more unique textures, ebay is a good place to start.


Alibaba is an online market place for all kinds of goods. Lace wigs, man weaves and unique hair pieces are among the things sold on Alibaba. Shopping on Alibaba for wigs and human hair pieces is a great idea because you get to read reviews from other buyers. If you find a shop you really like, you’ll have to look no where else for your toupee needs.


This site offers a wide array of hair pieces and we really like the selection! You can find any hair texture your looking for on this site. They offer different types of toupees, which makes it easier to find one your barber can install. toupee has whatever your looking for, from gray units, monofilament units and lace hair systems as well.