Whether you’re uncomfortable with all that hair down there or you want to go for a swim without hair coming out the sides of your swimsuit, grooming your groin is the way to go. Some people do it to impress their partners while others simply want comfort or a trim and tidy appearance. 

Whatever you’re reasons for grooming your hair down there, you’ll need the right tools for the job. That’s where the best hair groin groomers come in. These can help you trim long or short hairs very quickly to get the look you’re going for. Smooth and bare or styled in a design, you can express yourself by shaving it all or keeping it neat, whichever you prefer. 

Without further ado, let’s look at the 7 best hair groin groomers you’ll find for men and women!

Best Groin Groomer for Men

1. Philips Norelco Bodygroomer Series 7100

It helps to start with the best, so if you want it all, Philips Norelco has it for you. What makes this the best groin groomer is that you get a shaver for your pubic area plus a trimmer all in one. This multi-purpose tool make it very simple to keep up manscaping in the groin area as well as other hairy areas of concern like armpits, chest, and shoulders.

The pivoting head conforms to your own contours, giving you a close and even shave. The comb is adjustable too so you can choose from 5 different lengths and adjust the trim as you see fit.

Cordless design and water resistant operation means you can use this in the shower or while you’re dry. A solid battery life can power you through any shaving job, no matter how much hair you’re trying to get rid of. 

Since it’s a thoughtful design with only one caveat (it could trim a little closer), it’s definitely the best groin groomer for men. 

Best Groin Groomer for Women

2. Philips Norelco Bikini Perfect

Now ladies, if you’re looking for a bare solution, meet your match. Philips Norelco does it again, claiming top slot for women’s groin grooming needs too. It gives you the deluxe treatment with a travel bag plus an exfoliation glove and tweezers. Like the men’s version though more lady-like, it features everything you need to groom and comes with 6 attachments, can be used wet or dry, and is very gentle on the skin.

The attachments include a trimmer that works great for bikini lines, a comb with 5 built-in length settings, eyebrow comb plus trimmer to handle brows, micro shaver, and epilator. What’s great about the design is that it keeps skin irritation-free and you can use it on all the parts you want to have looking smooth and sleek. The only downside is that the epilator could be a bit better but other than that, this is the best groin groomer for women. 

Best Electric Razor Style Groin Groomer

3. Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler

For many, the razor is always a preferred tool for the best groin grooming. To that end, there’s the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler. This groomer is slim and ergonomic, providing a blade-like experience that you’d get from manual razors. It features a trimmer, a power cartridge, and 3 combs for length adjustment. 

With one tool, you can prep long hair down and then pop on the razor to trim it all away. It makes it so easy to keep things groomed. The blades perform quite well with precision edging steel blades to give you a smooth, even shave that’s gentle on skin though be careful because those blades are sharp. 

You’ll need to be vigilant about replacing the cartridges when they get dull, but those can be replaced with Gillette Fusion blades like with the manual razor version. You can use this for wet shaving though this groin groomer uses 2 AA batteries instead of recharging. If you prefer the closeness of a blade, you will want to use this to keep your groin area on point. 

Best Versatile Groin Groomer for Women

4. Panasonic ES2216PC

Another one for women that’s more affordable and gives you plenty of other options is Panasonic’s ES2216PC. Feel free to use it everywhere and to groom your groin too. It features 4 floating shaver heads designed for your private parts that glide along effortlessly to get very close for a precision shave without irritating skin. 

There’s also a snap-on bikini trimming attachment with multiple lengths to select so you can shape things your way. With wet or dry shaving capabilities, you can tackle any shaving job anywhere that’s comfortable. One unfortunate downside is that it can pull your hair when the battery life is low. To avoid that, make sure you keep it charged up so you don’t have an uncomfortable shaving experience. 

Best Head to Toe Grooming for Men

5. Remington PG525 Head to Toe Body Groomer

For another option that tends to suit men best, this Remington Head to Toe Body Groomer could work for you. One excellent point is that the surgical steel blades are self-sharpening and very effective to remove hair from where you want it gone. 

The foil shaver isn’t the best but the comb attachments can trim all kinds of hair, even on the face and neck. A nose attachment makes it easy to attend to intruding nose hairs too, something all men really need. 

While it is easy to use and work with, one major downside is that you can only use it dry so if you want something to use in the shower, you’ll want to choose a different option. 

Best Budget Groin Groomer for Women

6. Panasonic ES246AC

If money is tight and the beach is calling your name, try the Panasonic ES246AC. Be aware though that this is a personal hair trimmer and not a shaver. However if you like keeping things trim rather than bare, you’ll love it. Extremely lightweight, you can travel with it effortlessly and adjust to 5 different lengths to shape your hair down there the way you want. 

With a design the protects you from direct contact with blades, even those with sensitive skin will love trimming up with this tool. You’ll only be able to use it for dry shaving and it does need to be cleaned with the cleaning brush included as you can’t just rinse it under running water. 

Cordless and easy to use, it’s an ideal option if you’re just into trimming your lady parts so they don’t stick out the sides of your swimsuit. But if you want more versatility and to go bare, you’ll have to pick something else instead. 

Best Groin Groomer for Both Men and Women

7. Clean Cut ES412 Shaver

Now, for both men and women that want a clean and smooth shave, this is the best groin groomer there is. You get a clean cut as the name implies. However, it is just a shaver and has no trimming options so do be aware of that.

It’s very basic yet very focused to give you an intimate shave in those sensitive areas. It gets to the point to give men and women a clean, close shave anywhere on the body, especially the pubic area. When the foil dulls, it’s easy to remove though it will last from 6 months to 2 years depending on how often you use it. 

You will need to trim your hair first before using this if your hair is longer as it was designed to clean up stubble. Skipping the trim can be a painful experience, not to mention you could break the blades. You’ll need to supply your own AA battery to power it which can be annoying if it runs out of juice mid-shave. All that aside though, if smooth and sleek is how you want your body parts to be, this one has you covered. 

What Should You Consider When Choosing A Pubic Hair Trimmer?

Now that we’ve gone over some of the best pubic hair trimmers on the market, let’s discuss some of the things you should look for in a good pubic hair trimmer.

What makes a pubic hair trimmer the right fit for you will ultimately be reliant on how you plan to use it. Each one comes with different features that will help get you the best results.

Choosing Your Best Groin Groomer

These are all great options for grooming the hair down there as well as other parts of your body. However, everyone has different needs so think about a few things before you commit to a groin groomer. 

Blade Sharpness

Dull or poor quality blades can lead to nicks, cuts, and irritation. Make sure that if you buy a model with replaceable blades that you’re always keeping stock of how sharp they are. If you don’t want to worry, invest in a self-sharpening groin groomer. 

Options for Versatility

If you want to use your groin groomer for more than groin grooming, look for one that has different attachments. Some of the groin groomers listed above have options for trimming, even for the face and neck, making it an ideal tool for men. There are options for women too that can handle keeping legs and underarms smooth.


For travelers, portability is a big one. Even if you’re merely heading back and forth to your significant other’s house, taking your groin groomer on the road is easier when it’s cordless. 

Battery Situation

Going cordless really is best but not all groin groomers have rechargeable batteries. That means you’ll have to replace batteries, likely at an inconvenient time. 

Groin Grooming Tips

Once you do choose the best groin groomer to meet your needs, you should know how to use it. Don’t just turn it on and start grooming! Follow these tips to get your best shave!

Always Exfoliate

This softens the skin and makes it easier for your groin groomer to do its best work. You can use an exfoliating scrub or even a tool such as an exfoliating glove or brush. This removes the dead skin cells from your top layer and allows your groomer the best advantages.

Use Shaving Cream when Shaving Wet

If your groin groomer can operate wet or dry, you can take it in the shower. Using shaving cream or gel helps you prevent irritation and makes the process more comfortable.

Go with the Grain

When grooming your groin, shave in the same direction of hair growth. You’ll reduce your chances for cuts and irritations this way. 

Don’t Go Back and Forth over the Same Area

If you keep running the groomer over the same spot, you’re going to irritate your skin no matter how well-designed your tool is. When you start doing this, you may want to check the foil or the blades to be sure they are clean and sharp, otherwise you may need to change them.

Moisturize your Skin

After grooming, be sure to moisturize with a product that is gentle and irritation-free. It will keep your skin comfortable and prevent those unsightly red bumps from popping up all over. 

Now that you know what the best groin groomers are and how to use them, get one and start keeping your private parts primed!