The 4c type hair can often be a bit more difficult to handle because of its tightly coiled nature. Fortunately, caring for such hair type has become much easier thanks to essential hair oils.

These oils can solve a series of problems and help you maintain your style until the next wash day. One essential type of oil that has been proven to be effective for 4c type hair is carrot oil.

Commonly known as carrot seed oil, this essential oil has plenty of uses. It is becoming one of the golden hair growth treatments for smooth, long, and thick hair.

What Exactly is Carrot Oil?

Carrot oil, as the name suggests, is an essential oil that is derived via steam distillation from the dried seeds of wild carrot. It is a yellowish-brown colored essential oil that features a warm, earthy, and woody aroma.

This gentle oil is well-known for its antibacterial and healing properties. It is capable of infusing moisture to dry hair, scalp, and skin.

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Furthermore, it also helps lubricate the outermost skin layer cells and assists in restoration of moisture that could be lost due to evaporation. Carrot seed oil, is basically a must have in your beauty cabinet. It has many uses from hair treatments to skin restoration.

Despite being great for many different uses, carrot oil has been gaining a lot of popularity as one of the best oils for hair care. Especially for hair types that thrive on moisture like type 4 hair and more specifically 4c curls.

Benefits of Carrot Oil for 4c Type Hair

Carrot oil has been making waves in the hair care industry for quite some time. Well-known for providing the hair with nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, this essential oil serves as an excellent addition to your hair care regimen. No matter your hair care routine, carrot oil proves to be effective for improving the overall health of your hair.

Following are the benefits of carrot oil for hair:

  1. Hair Loss Prevention

Hair loss, which can be caused by lifestyle habits, metabolism, endocrine, or stress, etc., has always been a real worry of both women and men. To prevent hair loss, it is crucial to make sure that you provide your hair with a proper supply of minerals and vitamins. Fortunately, this is easy to accomplish with carrot oil as it jam packed with both.

Two of the main vitamins found in carrot oil are Vitamin A and E. Vitamin E found in carrot oil can promote blood circulation to the scalp, which helps prevents hair loss. Vitamin A on the other hand, strengthens hair and prevents breakage. It is also known to help stimulate the scalp and grow hair by activating the hair follicle.

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Vitamin A deficiency has also been associated with premature hair loss. Without it, only weak hair is produced that grows slowly. Regular use of carrot oil improves hair strength and brightens your hair overall.

2. Hair Growth

Hair thinning is unavoidable if your body lacks Vitamin A. The deficiency of Vitamin A also prevents proper hair growth. The regular use of carrot oil nourishes your hair to be firm encouraging growing new hair and saving fragile follicles.

Carrot oil is highly recommended for hair growth as it supplies the body with lots of Vitamins E and C., it may be lacking. These nutrients help improve blood circulation and thus increase circulation to the scalp. More circulation to the scalp equals vibrant and strong hair follicles. If you think you may be lacking essential vitamins to promote hair growth, check out these reviewed hair vitamins on Amazon.

3. Shinier, Thicker, and Smoother Hair

Just like the way carrot oil is great for making your skin smoother and shinier. It is also excellent for nourishing your hair with vitamins and minerals, hence making it smoother, shinier, thicker, and stronger.

Conditioning your hair using carrot seed oil will improve its texture. Apart from this, it can also help to prevent your hair from premature graying.

4. Limiting Frizz and Split Ends

A lot of people use carrot oil particularly for its great aesthetic effects. However, this essential oil is also a top choice when it comes to dealing with frizz and split ends.

Carrol seed oil acts as a protective coating around hair that helps limit flyaways and binds split ends. Because of these properties, carrot oil is a go-to option for those who like to wear twist out styles.

5. Dry Scalp and Dandruff Relief

Apart from vitamins, carrot oil also contains a great amount of beta carotene. It is the same component that creates the plant’s red-orange pigment. Beta carotene can help prevent your scalp and hair from drying out, especially in the dryer months.

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Furthermore, carrot oil has also been found to have antibacterial properties that can fight a wide range of bacteria and fungus. No to mention, it helps stimulate sebum, the body’s own oil, when applied on a dry scalp. All these amazing properties make carrot seed oil an ideal essential oil for getting rid of dandruff and treating dry scalp.

A healthy scalp, is the first step towards long and strong hair.

6. Customizable Essential Oil

Carrot seed oil is a very gentle oil and its sweet and mild fragrance allows it to be used for any customized hair treatment. This means you can mix it with other essential oils without problems. Whether you opt to use it on its own or in combination with other essential oils is entirely your choice.

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More Benefits of Carrot Oil for Hair

Apart from promoting hair growth, preventing hair loss, and making your hair shinier, there are several additional benefits of carrot oil for hair. These include:

  • Reducing the appearance of split ends
  • Adding elasticity to hair
  • Preventing premature aging and oxidative stress
  • Softening the hair and giving it a silky feel
  • Protecting hair against environmental pollution, ultraviolet rays, and sun damage
  • Strengthening hair root, stem, and follicle
  • Retaining moisture in the scalp and hair
  • Maintaining beautiful curls and preventing the hair from swelling
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Carrot seed oil has quickly become a hair care trend. From brightening your hair to deep conditioning, you can expect to see amazing results from using this essential oil.

But be careful! Using carrot seed oil for hair on everyday basis may result in an orange tint to your hair, particularly if its light. Because of this, it is recommended that you use it as a deep conditioning hair treatment for hair once or twice a week.

Let us know if you used carrot oil in your hair care regimen!