This is a question asked by many first-time lace front wig buyers. The price of a lace front wig usually depends on many factors.  Such as the type of wig or construction, hair used and the way the wig was made.

Most Lace Front Wigs on the market today can range anywhere from $25-800 dollars. For synthetic wigs the price range is around $25-60 dollars; human hair blend wigs can be priced a little higher $40-$80. The price range for human hair wigs usually start around $100 and go up from there depending on the quality, length and type of lace used. Wigs manufactured tend to run a little cheaper than custom handmade wigs.  There are options for almost any price range, we did some research to better understand why some wigs are pricier than others.

Synthetic Lace Front Wigs

Synthetic lace front wigs are the cheapest of all lace front wigs.  Because majority of the wigs are mass manufactured and made of artificial fibers such as polyester and plastics.  Because the construction and hair quality can range, synthetic lace front wigs are usually priced between $20-$60.  Higher priced synthetic wigs are often made of premium fibers, or human hair blend wigs.  We typically don’t pay over $70 for a synthetic unit that is well constructed with premium fibers.  Browse great quality synthetic lace front wigs on Amazon that even take high heat!


Human Hair Lace Front Wigs

Human hair lace front wig prices, vary widely depending on the quality of the hair used and the wig maker.  Premium wig makers and customer made wigs may go up to $1000 dollars per wig.  The mid-range for lace front human hair wigs is currently between $200 and $500 dollars.  If the wig has been styled and colored an additional $100 dollars may be added to the price.  While browsing around the internet for research we noticed cheap human hair lace front wigs usually start at around $100 and go up every $20 for more length.  Browse glue-less human hair lace front wigs under $100.  Different textures may affect the price of the wig, straight wigs tend to cost more because of the popularity of the texture.

Swiss Lace and French Lace

The lace used to create the lace front can also influence the price of the unit. Most lace front wigs are created from Swiss or French lace, both are sheer and widely used.  French lace is a bit more durable and used on most human and synthetic lace front wigs.  Swiss lace is more delicate and a bit more expensive because it must be handled carefully or the lace could tear.  Swiss lace front wigs are generally more comfortable and sensitive on the scalp.

Wigs constructed with the weft and about 2-3 inches of lace a lot the hairline are most popular.  There are also whole lace wigs, which are entirely hand tied and take more time to construct.  Whole lace front wigs can be worn in a ponytail and can give the best illusion of a full head of hair.

So if you have a custom whole lace wig, hand tied and made with delicate Swiss lace.  You could expect to pay the most, out of all the other wig types.  Because it takes a lot of man hours and skill to create a custom unit.

Same Texture and Length But Different Prices?

The final factor in determining the price of a lace front wig can be what type of hair is used.  Before hair is sewn onto a lace front wig, the hair is usually given a quality.  The hair quality could be based off the density, color, texture and overall health of the hair.   Most human hair units are made with hair from parts of Asia and more specifically India.  Most popular styles include:silky straight, yaki straight, small natural wave, remy or non remy, deep wave, body wave, natural wave, Spanish wave, curly and water wave.  Depending on the scarcity and demand for the hair type could determine the price of each unit sold.

When purchasing a lace front wig, be sure to read reviews on the wig itself and the manufacturer.  Past customers can tell you a lot about the quality and construction of the wig.  Depending on your needs and the occasion your purchasing the wig for, there are so many choices to choose from.  Browse over hundreds of choices on amazon, and  Also, check out reviews on youtube to find your perfect lace front.