Frontal Hair loss can be a symptom of many things including stress, child birth, traction alopecia, underline illness and genetics. The most common cause for hair loss among women being  androgenetic alopecia, which is a genetic condition that causes gradual thinning of new hair follicles.  No matter what the cause, the effects of hair loss on an individuals self-esteem and personal appearance can cut deep.

Luckily talented hairstylist are getting creative to help their clients find confidence again.   By using unique hair loss solutions and techniques, hairstylist are able to camouflage problem areas caused by hair loss.



Braids have always been on trend, especially in the black hair community.  Hairstyles like cornrows, box braids and crochet locs are growing more and more popular. Hair loss sufferers don’t have to wait on the sideline, thanks to these creative hair loss solutions.  With technique and skill hairstylist are able to camouflage problem areas, leaving balding areas nearly undetectable.

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Alopecia (Quick) Weaves:

Hair weaves have been around for years and have always been #1 for women seeking fuller hair.  Because hair loss can happen anywhere on the scalp and affect the hair in chucks.  Weaving hair styles can be a great solution for hair loss.  The infamous alopecia, quick weave allows stylist to create quick styles using bonding glue or other application methods. Alopecia quick weaves, are often times a collaboration between client and stylist that vary for each client.

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Lace Frontal Units and Lace Front Wigs:

Lace Front Wigs used to be only for celebrities and the famous.  Now, lace frontals and lace front wigs can give hair loss sufferers the look and feel of a full head of hair in minutes.

These units are often full lace units or 360 lace frontals, customized individually for clients. Stylist are able to make the lace along the hairline, nearly undetectable.  These units are changing lives and going viral over night!

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Man Weaves:

If you thought hair loss solutions and units were just for women, meet the man weave. Man weaves are growing in popularity and offer custom cranial and frontal hair loss solutions for thousands of men.

Popular barbers are heading the man weave movement. Some even offering classes and trainings on how to install man weave units.  Take a look at these amazing hair transformations by skilled barbers.

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