We’ve all been there, looking for a new style but also wanting to make sure it’s work appropriate. Whether you’re a corporate guru or an entrepreneur there’s a number of great wig choices on the market. In the past wigs where considered party or costume accessories and wouldn’t have been appropriate for the office. But wigs have come a long way and it’s not only no longer taboo but acceptable to wear any wig you want to work.

Picking out a wig that’s both work and play appropriate can be a little bit of a challenge (but we got you). After wearing wigs all through college, we had to find some more casual pieces once we started working a “real” job. We wore some wigs that lasted a month and others that didn’t make it through two weeks.  Keep reading to see our top work wig picks and reviews.

Jannie by Freetress Equal, $30

So, this wig is by far our favorite of all work wigs (we got tons of compliments)! It can be worn as a leave out or a lace front and the part is versatile.  The texture is a straight yaky, so it looks like your natural hair straitened. The fit was great as well, not too tight but didn’t feel too big. The number one thing we loved about this wig, is it lasted a long time and we were definitely surprised. I purchased this wig four times, in colors 1B/30, 30/33 and burgundy. I received a lot of compliments on the burgundy color, I loved it because the color is not too bright and blended VERY well. Click Here to see what others are saying about Jannie on Amazon.


Freedom Part Wig 102 & 101, $30

I’m actually still wearing this wig, to work currently. It’s length is perfect and its super light weight. I get a lot of compliments on the sleek straight style. I wore the Freedom Part 101 wig and it was a bit too long, so I decided to try 102, and she is bomb! The best thing about this wig is the part, it looks very realistic and you can change it from a middle to side part.  It’s one of those wigs you can wear fresh out the box, with very little tweaking. The fit is a little snug, but for smaller to regular size heads it should feel great. The texture is a silkier yaky than jannie but its cute, cute, cute.

Copper MLF-74 by BobbiBoss, $26

Copper came out last fall and has been a hit ever since. Not only is she cute and comfortable, it’s the most realistic looking wig we’ve seen in a while. The bob style is perfect for the office, interviews or every day. My sister wore it and loved it, and she works with small children. Copper is also a great starter wig because she is short and very easy to maintain. Copper comes in a variety of colors, and it’s hard to choose just one.Check out Copper starting around $26, you can’t beat that!


It’s always a good thing to be versatile with your wig style.  Curly wigs involve little to no styling and get you out the door looking good FAST.  Our favorite curly styles are actually half wigs!

Half wigs allow you to blend your hair with the wig or leave a very small amount of your hairline showing.  When wearing a half wig for work, we like to add a head band and use bobby pins to hold a style.

As the weather heats up adding some color to your work look could really turn heads.  Dark root wigs are great for work and play because they look like natural blended hair color.  If you don’t want to go completely, honey blonde try ISIS BROWN BS206 in color (#SR4/30/350) .