Women of all shades and backgrounds are turning to wigs, to change up there look and everyday style.  As wigs become more and more natural looking, it’s now trendy to wear Lace Fronts and hair extensions.  Lace front wigs are very realistic looking and give you fuller, longer, thicker hair in minutes.  With the endless choices in choose styles and color; (like shoes!) they can be addicting. We personally change our hair, like it’s an accessory, and many ladies do the same.  To further prove our case, we took a look at some of the top reasons, ladies just can’t have enough of lace front wigs!

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  1. Versatility

From curly to straight and back again; wigs give you the freedom to change your look without permanent consequences.  With wigs you no longer have to dread an awful haircut, stylist or drag yourself to the salon.  Wigs give you the freedom to go from one style to the next in minutes, all in the comfort of your own home.

  1. Less Damage

This is the number one reason we choose to wear wigs.  With naturally fine hair, constant styling and the use of irons would definitely damage our hair over time.  So like lots of women we use wigs, as a protective style, to give our natural hair a rest.  With wigs we get a perfect hair day, everyday without the stress of using curling irons, flat irons, glues and more damaging products .

  1. They look so Real!

Why sit in a salon for hours, getting a sew in, when you can buy a wig for half the price and look just as good; or better?!  Over years wigs and lace front wigs have become less and less taboo.  Once celebrities like Beyonce revealed there flawless hair secret, of lace wigs (it was a wrap)!

Now you’ll even  see hairstylist, installing, coloring and customizing lace units for there clients.  With hundreds of tutorials on youtube, many women are learning to blend and lay there own lace front wigs in the comfort of there home.  Popular methods such as the stocking cap method, leave lace front units and frontals looking nearly undetectable.

  1. Hair Loss / Hair Thinning

Permanent or temporary hair loss is something millions of Americans and women suffer from.  Nearly 21 million women suffer from hair loss,so basically it’s a very common problem.  Whether your battling an illness, natural aging or have long term hair loss, the experience can be traumatizing for many.  Wearing wigs gives a lot of hair loss sufferers back the confidence of having full, beautiful hair again.  One of the best things about wigs is that they women  feel good, and can give a big boost to a ladies self-esteem.

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  1. Hair that Slays All day Long

Let’s be real, it’s nothing like a new hairstyle, that is perfect for your face and styled down to perfection. With wigs, you can literally have perfect hair, all day and all night.  Whether you have the budget or not, there is a wig out there that will look good on you!  We personally  love to wear wigs on vacations, because we can literally look flawless all the time, despite all the activities (and partying).

Whatever you want to do, whatever you want to be come, a wig that slays can help get you there.  That may be a bit much, but it’s true.   Don’t take our word for it, Get you a wig and watch that inner diva come out!