It’s hard to believe “going natural” was considered a bold move in the late 1960’s.  It was in this decade that ladies and gents first embraced their natural hair and just let it be!  Whether it was in a fro, braided, cornrowed or wore in some bold afro puffs;  it was all about self love.  Nowadays, natural hair style options are pretty much endless, plus we have the advantage technology and hundreds youtube tutotirals to help us out.

A great protective natural style is afro puff ponytails, or a drawstring ponytails.  While I was growing my hair out, I never did the full big chop instead I let my hair just grow out of the perm.  All I really wanted was my natural hair, and the nice giant puff I remembered before the perms.  So I went in search of the next best thing and found some pretty realistic options.  Whether you want a small puff or double puffs theres a lot of options to choose from.  Take a look at the different textures below and click the photos to read reviews on Amazon.

The Human Hair Afro Puff

Whats nice about buying a human hair puff ponytail, is you can dye it and use the same styling products used on your own hair.

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The Affordable Afro Puff

Natural looking and gets the job done, at a great price!

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The Double Afro Puffs

Why have one puff when you can have two!

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The Short and Cute Afro Puff

We loved the construction and it blended so well,  everyone thought it was our real hair!

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The REALLY BIG Afro Puff

This aint ya grandmas afro puff, this thing is a show stopper!

How to Install: Drawstring Afro Puff

To wear these afro puff ponytails, you’ll first, have to put your own hair up in a bun.  Place the Afro Puff over your bun and secure the combs.  Once the combs are secure, pull the drawstring to your desired fit, and there you have it.  Get the perfect afro puff ponytail  in literally seconds.  You can also use clip ins, like these kinky curly human hair extensions to create a full ponytail, bun or afro look.

Check out this video for great afro puff styling tips: