After wearing wigs for over a decade, there isn’t a wig type I haven’t tried. From synthetic to half wigs and all of those in between. I honestly can say, I love wigs for a number of reasons. With that being said I have to admit there is one type of wig that makes me cringe while shopping for a new piece. This type of lace front,  I have literally snatched off my head, and never looked back! I know that seems a little dramatic, but I’m being %100 honest. I can’t stand lace front EDGE wigs, whew it feels good to get that out there.

Here are three reasons I will never buy a lace front edge wig and why you may want to stay far, far away.

The lace is always really Hard and uncomfortable

Most cheap wigs don’t come with really soft lace but for some reason, lace front wigs are especially made with hard lace. Certain brands sell these wigs at VERY low prices and the style looks great but when you put the wig on it is basically scratching your hairline.  To wear for a scratchy lace front with hard lace for over an hour is unbearable.  If you are in the market for a lace front edge wig, check the specs for the lace type.

Solution: You can actually use a wig hair grip to help with the scratchyness.

Impossible to Blend with your hairline

Because lace edge wigs only have lace along the hairline. They can be really hard to blend, and it’s almost impossible to create a part. I have tried and failed to create a believable part in a lace front edge wig, it’s close to impossible. I tend to wear lace front edge wigs as half wigs, because it’s just makes it look more realistic if you leave out some of your own hairline.

Hair is Cheap, Cheap, Cheap!

Because lace front edge wigs are usually very inexpensive the hair fibers used are very low quality and tend to tangle fast.  That feature combined with the hard lace, lack of parting space and awkward placement of combs.   Just really makes Lace Front Edge wigs a one night only or costume party type of wig.

As time goes on, wigs techniques will improve and I’m sure lace front edge wigs won’t make me cringe! If your thinking about purchasing a lace front edge wig, be sure to read reviews like this popular 30 inch lace front edge wig by Sensationnel.

Comment below and tell us what you think about Lace Front Edge Wigs, and if you have any favorite!