Getting that perfect blended hairline on your lace wig, Is always the goal. Whether you like to wear your units glued down, gots2b blasted or glueless.  A melted hairline is key to making your lace wig look as believable as possible.

There are several different methods you can use to blend your knots.  One is to just purchase a pre plucked and bleached unit online.

Remy Hair Wigs Bleached Knots Pre Plucked

The second most popular method is to pre-pluck and bleach your unit yourself.  This technique is highly effective but can get a little messy.  You also have the chance of over bleaching your unit and the actual human hair wefts. Reversing can be done, but time consuming.

If you’re like us and short on time (and patience), then keep reading for some quick and easy ways to blend your lace to your actual complexion; for the perfect natural look.

Top 3 Knot Bleaching Alternatives:

Tinted Lace

Our number one choice for blending our knots is using a tinted lace.  We purchased our tinted lace off of Amazon for under $11 bucks (not bad).  We read reviews to help match our hairline complexion and boom, we got a flawless hairline in like 2 min.  We had a medium brownish lace and used the medium dark brown tinted lace by EBIN, found here.

You’ll want to first set the inside of your wig with Gots2b blasting spray and then lightly spray the tint on the inside of the wig. We did this after washing our unit, so it may need to be reapplied after our next wash.


Foundation was the birth place of tinted lace.  So before tinted lace was a thing, youtubers and gurus were using their own foundation along the hairline of there wig units.  Which makes a lot sense, since you know it matches your skin already.

Dabbing a bit of foundation along the inside hairline of your wig is another quick way to blend your lace.  We recommend using a powder foundation to lightly pat the inside of your wig.  You can then follow up with a setting spray and the Gots2b blasting spray. 

Be sure to let everything set and dry before applying your wig.  This method is recommended for cooler weather, but the foundation should stay if set properly.

Stocking Cap

This is a tried-and-true way of blending your hairline and probably the one most of our grandparents used.  There are a variety of different stocking cap colors you can find online to help match up with your skin color.  By covering your scalp with a slightly brighter stocking cap, you can give off the illusion of a natural hairline.

Use All Three

Now here’s a bonus tip from a wig guru, use all three methods.

Spray your unit lightly with tinted lace, set to the side and apply stocking cap.  Secure your unit on your hairline, snuggly and glue down if you like.  Then finish off by adding a light dab of foundation or concealer to give off the ultimate blended hairline.  No bleach, no mess … you’re ready to go!

Comment below on how you blend your lace wig hairline !